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Babyshambles Italian Weekend

Adrian Hunter (AKA Babybear) writes to FDB: “Milan tonight and Babyshambles supported themselves at tonight's show. The boys opened the evening shortly after doors with a set of Shambles' newies inc Pretty Sue and Libertines oldies inc I get Along and Time For Heroes. Cat Claw kindly let us use their gear and are now onstage while we relax for 40 minutes before heading back to The Rolling Stone Club for the full set. Milan certainly getting their money's worth tonight. We catch the red eye to Paris tomorrow for our biggest French gig ever and a possible FNAC instore meet and greet with the fans. Then off to Lyon and then a few days off in Blighty before the next round. Thanks to everyone who's come to the shows so far and thanks for everyone's patience with the rescheduling of shows (all for good reason). I hope you have all had a blast and I hope the upcoming dates are as enjoyable as these have been. Ciao!

I say, thank you to Babybear and particularly Babyshambles for putting up three amazing shows in a row in my country, for a fantastic weekend of sleepless nights and crap food and huge boozes, for reminding us that great music still exists. The only negative note: the setlist is always the same (and maybe there were too many fangirlies but that’s normal).

I was supposed to attend only one gig, I ended up attending all 3 of them, and the last was the blast. Sorry for the lack of updates in the last days, I was too busy searching for lifts and missing trains.
The tour was totally ignored by the Italian press, which is “surprising” (?) considering the intense coverage the 2006 gigs received when Doherty was escorted by some famous chick and slept in a famous designer’s mansion. By the way I can show you a gallery of beautiful photos taken by Samuele Franzini and a very blurred but funny video of Peter dj-ing and dancing at the Fish and Chips Club after the Rome gig.

Rome’s setlist (s): Carry On Up The Morning, Delivery, Beg, Steal Or Borrow, Pretty Sue, Baddies Boogie, Side of The Road, Unstookietitled, The Blinding, Unbilotitled, You Talk, Sedative, There She Goes, Back From The Dead, Pipedown, Killamangiro, Albion, I Wish, Fuck Forever.

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