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Babyshambles in Paris - Take Two

"Hang on a mo... is that Oscar Wilde?"
"No, it's his best friend"

Less than one month after the Olympia gig Babyshambles got back to La Ville Lumiere to play a show at the Zenith (the Olympia was taken over by Morrissey last night. Hard choice for the Parisiens!!). I'm still trying to find out what happened at the FNAC store a few hours earlier, but for the moment I leave the stage to our much devoted French star. Ladies and gentlemen, Madame Anjali:
"[...] When the gates opened i could smuggle in my big camera (this is relevant later on in the story), and i was joined by Sweet Matilda at the front row, in front of Drew. we had to sit through 2 support acts, one of which was a kid who had won a competition on MySpace France to sing 3 songs acoustically before the gig. he sang "Last post on the bugle", "Sunny afternoon" and one of his own. it was funny and sweet, especially it was his birthday and everyone sang it to him. then the second act was once again one of those teenage sensations championed by Rock'n'Folk, called The Dodoz, i won't comment any further, you know the drill. BabyShambles walked onstage on time, to the sound of "La Marseillaise" at full blast, it was fantastic!!! we were dead chuffed. Pete was clad in a tuxedo and a high hat, and had a sort of blue white and red sash tied around him, like the one presidents and mayors get. he looked absolutely wonderful! the gig started in total euphoria, with "Carry on", "Delivery", the setlist wasn't much different from the previous European dates. i was dead relieved that they were playing marvellously well, in contrast with the Olympia last month, me and Matilda were singing along and it was beautiful. i was taking pictures and they were coming out great, all was well. until some security cunt told me off for taking the pictures, and threw me out of the front row. i had to go to the cloak room to deposit my camera and i couldn't go back to the front so i stayed at the far right-hand side. this is where i realised that apart from a dozen of kids at the front, the rest of the audience was pretty apathetic. i was feeling sorry for the band, because for once they were playing really well, and they weren't being rewarded by the audience. at the end, Pete even said "Thank you very much, you've been an awful audience!" it was such a shame because judging by the exuberant entrance, they were really chuffed to play France at first. also, at some point, between two songs Pete said something about Morrissey which i couldn't really make out. Moz was playing that same night at the Olympia, and when Pete mentioned him it sounded as though he intended to leave the BS show halfway through to go see him instead! fortunately he stayed and played the whole show. after the gig an aftershow was arranged in a club somewhere in the posh part of the city, but it didn't look like the band were very much up for going. according to Mik they'd been there once before and it had been dreadful so he didn't want to go. in the end he and Adam still went, but didn't stay for long because it was indeed dreadful. i don't know what Pete and Drew got up to, i have no idea if they went somewhere else or went straight to bed".

Very beautiful photos by Oliver Peel on Flickr.

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