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PSV Eindhoven wins a Shambles gig!

Photo by Erik Luyten

Ahem. Sorry for the crap headline.

We have an article with a video.

Another article with some stalking photos and another video.

Something that looks like a review.

Beautiful photos by Erik Luyten on Flickr.

A review by Codyke (in English!):

Well well, just got back from the Effenaar gig. It was a very strange gig Before the supportact Mik and Peter came on stage and were jamming for quite a while. they played something was Maybeline and something with Sailing in the ocean (new stuff? old classics from other bands? ) Then Adam and Drew Joined them, they played: La Belle Et Le Bete French Dog Blues Stone Me Then the supportact played: The 925s, they reminded me of DPT. Quite liked them. Although I appeared to be one of the only ones in the crowd to like them A while later the gig really started, they played in this order: Sedative I Get Along (ska version, with Mik doing some of the vocals, I loved it) Carry On Delivery Beg Steal What Katie Did (yay!) Intro to Albion (aborted) Baddies Boogie Side Of The Road UnStookieTitled UnBiloTitled After the instrumental part of UnBilo, when pete normally sings a small part, he suddenly stopped and said he couldn't play with all the people talking, He then walked of stage. The rest of the band seemed to follow him in confusion. (Mik even seemed like he was making gestures like ''Don't worry, he'll come back etc) He did come back: Fuck Forever End of gig.

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