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Exclusive on Barat & Green Paris gig

French magazine Vox Pop has some beautiful b&n photos by Mathieu Zazzo and a video with two songs, Music when the lights go out and Friends of mine, shot at the gig the pair played at the Centre Pompidou last week (here).

"Gathered for the new edition of Stage Of The Art"says the article "Adam Green and Carl Barat offered a concert which was more a happening than a memorable live performance. Regardless, our photographers and videographers have captured a snapshot of the unique collaboration of ex-Moldy Peaches and ex-Libertines".

Southampton no-show

Things were looking worrying early this morning when people heard that last night's gig had been cancelled for "serious reasons". But Babybear has just cleared everything up at FDW. This is his message:
"Sorry, I couldn't log on last night and update you guys. Thought I'd post here to calm any worries that are cropping up and to explain. "Serious" makes things sound a little grave .... what it really means is that there were very important reasons why this show couldn't take place. I am not at liberty to discuss those so I can't / won't. Suffice to say that the reasons were of a level which prevented the concert from happening. Apologies to all those who made the effort to attend and thanks to the venue for their professionalism in dealing with the situation. A problem was flagged up to the venue as soon as was possible and they worked with us while we tried to sort it out. We will do our level best to make amends in whatever way we can. I'm sure there'll be some of you for whom this won't be enough of an explanation so I'll steel myself for the brickbats in the knowledge that there are others who will have followed (with pleasure) the massive drop in 'no shows' over the last few years so much so that they rarely take place anymore and generally if they do it's with good reason. Trust me the reason why the gig couldn't take place was a very good one. Things like this are not taken lightly and are equally upsetting for Peter and those who work to make things happen for you guys. We have an important couple of days ahead and I hope / know that we / Peter have your support. Grateful for that. bb."



From Babybear:
You lucky chickens.
Southampton Joiners Tuesday, 29th September.
Stoke Underground on the Wednesday.
A bit confused? No fear!!! Recap:
Gigs of the week
  • Tuesday 29 September - Peter Doherty + The Wave Machines. At: The Joiners (40th Anniversary Party), 141 St Marys Street, Southampton, UK. Doors: 19:30 - Age Limit: 14 - Tickets: £15.00 in advance, £17.00 on the door.
  • Wednesday 30 September - Peter Doherty + Guests. At: The Underground, Morley Street, Hanley, Stoke-On-Trent, £13 ADV.
  • Friday 2 October - Le Bikini, Ramonville-Saint-Agne, Tolouse, France
  • Saturday 3 October - El Mediator, Perpignan, France


Shambles in Cannes part 2

I've found some reviews of the Babyshambles' gig in Cannes of last Friday, though most are in French.

This comes from Anysound (with photos):

The concert starts very good, Pete and this in a state almost sober, he has managed and sing and play guitar. A rarity well appreciated by the public. Or at least a minority, separate tubes on radio (Delivery, You Talk and Fuck Forever), The "fans" have stopped any reaction to the music, believe it was in form rather than in substance. The climax is full when the group resumed the collector What Katie Did of Libertines which has puzzled the small kink that we heard speak "wait what's that thing we sings?". No comment.
The concert is in full swing as Pete, full of goodwill wanted to set the mood in this sleepy public and invited the fan up on stage, about 15O responded to the call and the concert turned into a joyous riot left the key 3 security officers finding themselves overwhelmed. A massacre. The concert is threatened to be canceled but the band returns for the last two titles before making their final bow.
A concert "short" has been a set-list unfinished sound disastrous but a great atmosphere on stage and a supply of very positive group that enhances the level of the evening. In addition, a band playing the game up to sign autographs and photos taken with fans.

One more from Actualité Musicale:

A concert by Pete Doherty, with or without Babyshambles, still contains the unknown. Especially for me who went there without knowing his songs [good start...]. And even at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes. But before getting to the heart of the subject, back in the early stages. [...] And then, Peter Doherty arrived. Or rather, Pete, to his friends and the hundreds of girls Friday night dreamed of being. Intimate with him. Long before his arrival, they were screaming with excitement already before screaming with pleasure. Yet very quietly that he arrived on scene, the hesitant approach but the hat in place, making almost forgetting the presence of three other members of Babyshambles. Pete's guitar was still rather rough and mostly false until he decides to give in a few securities. But the surprise for a neophyte like myself is to discover the quality of these securities. Each song sounds like a tube and immediately seems familiar. The sound is English and is somewhere between the Stones and the Clash. Add two young dancers in tutus doing a jig around the group and you have the key surrealism that completes the picture. The atmosphere is electric in the hall and the musical quality is improving as in title.
But 15 minutes before 23h, the show goes into a black hole. A girl who managed to get on stage to shake his idol, Pete Doherty motioned to the rest of the public that can climb too. You should not say it twice: Doherty is quickly swallowed by a human tide surging across the room, including the balcony, and full service order which does not appear on the same wavelength as the singer. Pete is happy but the big guys to expel all-va. Gradually, the voice goes out, followed by guitar, bass and finally drums. Silence music and shouts of joy from the crowd on stage until the intervention of the manager. He convinces young people to take for security issues and calls for the concert can resume ... that makes two sticks of drummer! Finally the group comes on stage, cheered and resumed for two reasons. But the scene continues to be penetrated by young people who enjoy braving the security guards. So to avoid slippage, the band finally goes on ... Fuck forever. Iggy Pop after last year, Pete Doherty is the new agitator Palace this year. Whose turn next year?

Setlist by Cro:

La belle et la bete - delivery - what katie did - you talk - pipedown - unBilotitled - baddie's boogie - side of the road - Crumb begging baghead - Beg steal or Borrow - Fuck Forever



Very good video by pikaklub06! Enjoy!


Peter wants to punch Morrissey

Now that would be interesting to watch! Peter entertains fantasies of revenge against his former idol Morrisey, but he would also like to work with him. Taken from an article published on German site Zeit On Line.
Waiting for a decent translation, take this googled version:
"Ah, dreams. As a teenager I knew above all what I had not expected from life. My father was in the British Army, I grew up in barracks, every day I saw barbed wire and soldiers around me, shouldered the machine guns. I swore never to become so. And crept into my room like a self-dug cave. Books filled my shelves, like a madman, I collected them in flea markets: everything from Graham Greene, Oscar Wilde, Evelyn Waugh. I even began Being and Nothingness by Jean-Paul Sartre, when I was 14.
That changed only in 1994 in Sheffield, I went into a record store, rummaging for secondhand vinyl, looked at the cover - and discovered a single, on which a woman was seen with a hat. Somehow I talked to the photo, I bought the plate, and then everything was different. It was the single I Started Something I Could not Finish by The Smiths. I heard the melodies and thought: I want to do. I heard the line "hair brushed and parted" and I felt addressed. Just as I was running around at that time: with combed and parted hair beautifully. The singer hit me right in the heart - and I knew I would write songs like him. My dream was to be Morrissey.
At 17, I came very close to him once. He gave a concert outside of London, I hitchhiked a play that went one way by train without a ticket to have - and smuggled me into the concert because I had no money for the ticket. Somehow I fought my way to the edge of the stage, Morrissey walked in my direction, I stretched out his arms to his legs, he wanted to touch - but suddenly, two men pulled me out of the security, one took me in a headlock, I resisted, then thundered I head against a pole and was thrown back into the crowd.
Years later I actually met Morrissey. Very briefly, played as my first band The Libertines for him in the opening act. We hardly talked. And then he said to the press by some very unkind things about me, concerning my drug addiction, called me a cliché, thought I'd try to do something that would have already done Sid Vicious. Honestly, with Morrissey's knowledge about drugs you can fill the back of a postage stamp. Then he did something ugly: After I was expelled from the Libertines, he replaced the New York Dolls-sticker on his lapel with Libertines motifs. He enjoyed my humiliation. I felt hurt.
When I saw Morrissey the next time I will not only come to his leg, I would punch him one. And only when he is lying on the ground, I give him my hand. I shake the dust from his clothes - and then I offer him for the reconciliation of a collaboration".

(Tracked by Ulf Lippitz)


Win Jack Daniels tickets!

Publican readers are in with a chance of joining in the celebrations at a gig to mark the birthday of Tennessee whiskey Jack Daniel’s.
A pair of tickets are up for grabs to the exclusive JD Birthday Set which will feature performances from former Suede singer Brett Anderson, one-time Libertine Carl Barat and Jon McClure of Reverend & The Makers.
The gig will be held at the Village Underground in London on October 8 and to be in with a chance of winning all you need to do is email your name and pub address to before Oct 2. Entrants need to be 18 and over.

Meanwhile, there's a longer version of the Carl Barat interview (that of the box full of dying wasps) at the JD website.


Still little info on Peter's last night gig at the Barrowlands.
"Amazing gig" wrote the little one "Peter was on top form once again. Up there with the Capitol gig. Only ever seen him in Glasgow though, quite fancy a wee road trip to London or something to see him there sometime. Looking forward to the Babyshambles gig in December now. Was such a great mix of old and new songs last night. Was brilliant hearng What a Waster. Crowd went nuts! Can't fault Mr Doherty at all for his performance. Got a cool pic of him coming off stage, he looked shattered though! Only complaint is the crowd. So many idiots. Couple of girls started on us for no reason at one point and we ended up having to move, closer to the front so that was karma. Why so much trouble and aggro at an acoustic gig?".
Beautiful photos by David Wala on Flickr.
Setlist by GimmeDanger:
Delivery (crowd erupted) - Arcady - Side of the road - DLBITS - Good Old Days - At the Flophouse - Mockingbird - You Talk - The delaney - What a waster - Sheepskin Tearaway (ft Dot) - Last of the English Roses - Fuck Forever - France - New Love... - Lady Don't... - Killamangiro - Can't stand me now - What Katie did - Death on the stairs - Tell the king - The man who would be king - Music when the lights go out - Time for heroes


Pete Doherty - For Lovers - Manchester 21 September

I've had very little feedback from this gig. Not even a ragged review on the Manchester Evening News. People generally said it was good and Peter was on form, and that's what counts most at the end of the day. For the moment have a look at this video of For Lovers!


It's not the right time for the Libertines

Carl spoke to French journo Dominique Vidalon after the gig at the Centre Pompidou. The interview is at Reuters.

PARIS (Reuters) - British singer and guitarist Carl Barat plans to release a debut solo album next year and take his first theatrical steps on stage in January.
That leaves very little time to think about reforming his old band the Libertines.
"It's not too late, it's just not the right time. I am not ruling it out completely but next year I am doing my album and maybe acting in two plays in London in January," Barat told Reuters.
Speculation has been rife that the cult British rock act would reform, reuniting Barat, 31, with fellow frontman Peter Doherty, years after they fell out in a blaze of drugs and bruised egos.
Recently Doherty, 30, who currently fronts Babyshambles, seemed to be on a mission to reform the Libertines, telling the New Musical Express magazine that he wanted to reunite the band to play British festival slots next summer.
Barat spoke to Reuters while relaxing backstage after playing at the Paris Pompidou Center museum with ex-Moldy Peaches frontman and U.S. anti-folk singer Adam Green Friday.
One of the evening's highlights was the pair's cover of old Libertines favorite "What a Waster." The raucous performance ended with Green tying up some members of the audience with heavy tape and smashing a guitar.
Barat, looking dapper in a white shirt, black tuxedo and matching hat, and accompanied by a fiddle and cello, played a couple of new songs he has been working on.
Of the future album, he said: "It's the first time I'm being on my own and doing without guitars fighting each other. It's a bit more about the voice. A bit more naked."
He has no record deal yet, but there are discussions with labels, he said.
Barat, whose influences range from the Kinks, the Velvet Underground to jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt, said he had been writing solo songs since Dirty Pretty Things, the band he formed in 2005 after the Libertines demise, split up last year.
"I'd like to release the album as soon as possible. I'm working every day. I want the songs to be completely new. I want to do something fresh," he said.
Asked how he felt about being on his own for the first time in years, he said: "It's absolutely terrifying but it has to be done. It's very hard but at the same time it's very rewarding."
"Everyone has to do what they think is right. Even if it's shit, people respect you for being brave enough."
Barat released two albums with Dirty Pretty Things: "Waterloo to Anywhere" and "Romance at Short Notice."

In recent months speculation grew of a Libertines reformation particularly as Doherty and Barat were often seen at each other gigs or even performed together.
This summer Doherty told the NME that he had already convinced former Libertines bandmates John Hassall, bass, and Gary Powell, drums, to reunite for gigs, and that as soon as Barat agreed, dates would be finalized.
Doherty went on to joke he would even consider hiring a Barat lookalike to stand in if the real one would not sign up.
"Good luck to him !" said Barat.
In March 2009, Doherty released a debut solo album "Peter Doherty: Grace/Wastelands" to critical acclaim.
In interviews Doherty insists he can juggle a solo career, his role as Babyshambles frontman and a Libertines reformation.
But for Barat The Libertines are no side-project.
"If I do the Libertines, it will be just the Libertines. If we do the Libertines, let's give them everything and be the Libertines again. Let's live that life again. It's a life and it's for a reason, for a good purpose," he said.
In July, former Clash guitarist and punk legend Mick Jones, who produced the Libertines' two albums "Up the Bracket" and "The Libertines" was quoted by music website The Quietus as saying he would be keen to see the pair get back in studio.
"I'm sure we'd have a lot more fun...We love Mick of course," Barat said, adding he had not seen Jones for a while.

Parallel lines

First of all, Peter played at Leamington Spa last night, and according to many people this gig was much better than the Roundhouse.
"Peter seemed on good form" Poggy says "and was up for a bit of banter with the a couple of points, really making me laugh! From where I was standing, the crowd seemed a good bunch and it was certainly a varied age range again! Setlist was standard fare, but never boring!All of G/Wastelands - 32nd December - Arebours - Back from the Dead - Time for Heroes -Can't stand me now - She loves you (Beatles) - Psycho-killer - For Lovers - MWTLGO - Albion. Possibly more, but I can't remember! Peter threw the Union flag into the crowd at the end which was hilarious watching grown men tugging at a piece of material and being dragged along the floor in attempt to claim it. Security stepped in at the end and no one ended up with it".
"I was at both London and Leamington Spa" Westbourne Park says "and last night was better by far. I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish and the crowd was very appreciative and cheering a lot, and no beers thrown! In London, Peter seemed not really comfortable and a bit nervous for the first 5 or so songs, last night he was on form from the word go and it was just epic.He also played Grimaldi which was fantastic and What Katie Did (psycho killer was intro to What Katie Did), Bollywood to Battersea... Sweet By and By which was so cool with Drew on double bass. Loved it".
On Carlos front, after his Parisian adventure the man came back to Blighty and last night he was special guest at Kieran Leonard's Sunday residency at the Gaslight. We would be happy if Carl gave us a sign whenever he decides to do the special guest... but at least this thing has still a bit of spontaneity. Drew of course wasn't there, being busy with the boss. Let's roll on to the...

Gigs of the week
Monday 21 September - Manchester Apollo, Manchester
Wednesday 23 September - Barrowlands, Glasgow

Friday 25 September - Palais des Festivals, Cannes, France

From the press: weekend recap

Contactmusic and NME have woken up! Peter and Carlos (respectively) were granted two brief reviews from the music sites.

Contactmusic says:

Pete Doherty kicked-off his UK tour on Saturday night (19.09.09) with a two-hour show at The Roundhouse in Camden, North London.
Pete Doherty kicked-off his UK tour on Saturday night (19.09.09).
The former Babyshambles and Libertines frontman wowed his army of loyal fans as he performed a two-hour set at The Roundhouse in Camden, North London.
His playlist mainly consisted of tracks from his solo album 'Grace/Wastelands' but also included some huge crowd pleasers including 'For Lovers', 'Delivery' and Libertines numbers 'Don't Look Back Into The Sun' and 'Time For Heroes'.
Dressed in his trademark hat and jacket Pete, who has previously not turned up for shows, looked to have put his personal problems behind him and looked every inch the star.
Following his well-received set, Pete came back for an encore, which included a cover of The Specials' hit 'Message To You'.
He continued his small tour with a concert in Lemington Spa last night (20.09.09) and he will play Manchester Apollo tonight (21.09.09) and finish in Glasgow Barrowlands on Wednesday (23.09.09). says:

Carl Barat and Adam Green played a joint gig together in Paris on Friday night (September 18), in a show that featured the two collaborating on each other's material and Barat debuting new songs.The duo played Paris' Centre Pompidou and were backed by Green's band and a string section. Watch fan recorded video footage of the gig below. As well as collaborating on The Libertines' 'What A Waster' and Green's 'Friends Of Mine', Barat played several new solo songs, with titles including 'So Long My Lover' and 'We Are All Heroes'. Both Green and Barat were in a relaxed mod during the gig, with the former fooling around with a roll of gaffer tape throughout, before finally breaking his guitar with a mic stand.


Peter at the Roundhouse

Thanks to Amyspurdens for this video. Later with more and more stuff!


In the heat of the Parisian night

Photo by Guino Patrice

Carl Barat reunited with his old NY pal Adam Green last night at the Centre Pompidou in Paris. We have plenty of videos and photos from the night thanks to our fellow French bloggers Angelo Misterioso (Rockerparis) and Free-Pete (review in French). Free-Pete's videos are very very good. Carl played a new song apparently entitled "We're all heroes". Adam and Carl exchanged some funny banter and lots of love on the stage.
Setlist (Carl's part): Bloodthirsty bastards, 9 Lives, Grimaldi, So long, Come closer, Music when the lights go out, We're all heroes, Time for heroes, Friends of mine (with Adam).


Carl Barat Interview - Jack Daniel's Birthday

Dear old Carlos previews Jack's borfday.



Unfortunately there's been another sad loss in the Peter/Shambles community. Our friend ProperBo, whose witty remarks at the FDB forum were often reported in these pages too, passed away two days ago. ProperBo's real name was Dale and he had been a Peter/Shambles fan for a very long time, and a regular at the gigs and afterparties. It's unbelievable that one of his last posts to the forum, in reply to someone ranting on the QOH afterparty at 126, was only sent last Sunday, one day before he died. Another great guy who's gone, in this summer already full of departures.
Goodbye, Dale. And keep rocking, wherever you are.


Gigs of the week

Saturday 19 September - Roundhouse, London
Sunday 20 September - The Assembly, Leamington Spa

Friday 18 September - Centre Georges Pompidou, Place Georges Pompidou, Paris (with Adam Green)



Last night Peter played at the Saint-Nolff festival in France. "What an amazing gig!" says The International.

According to this site, 20.000 people were in attendance and the weather was fine. "Long awaited, the Englishman Pete Doherty showed a great presence on stage acoustics, a stage he shared with only two dancers with him, a persistent rumor of last minute cancellation rustling in the audience".

Photos here.

Setlist by The International:
Arcady - For Lovers - MWTLGO - Don't Look Back Into The Sun - Can't Stand Me Now - What Katie Did - Lady Don't Fall Backwards - The Man Who Would Be King - Albion - Delivery - Time For Heroes - Lost Art Of Murder - New Love Grows On Trees - LOTER - What A Waster - You Talk - Fuck Forever - A message to you Rudy


Peter Doherty and Dot Allison - Sheepskin Tearaway

Very good video by MikeyClay from the Queen of Hoxton bash.


The NME corner

Scan by Zegia

Besides reviewing last night's gig (here), the NME (printed version) also publishes a preview of Jack Daniels birthday party which will be held in London on October 8th (see scan above).

"The one and only Mr. Carl Barat has RSVPed" says the article "and will be making his first musical appearance for a while playing exclusive tracks at the event to celebrate what would have been the master distiller's 159th birthday. As a founding member of the Libertines and of course frontman of Dirty Pretty Things, Carl has been at the forefront of the country's best music for half a decade now. He's set to bring the rock'n'roll attitude to the party and we're sure Mr Jack would approve. Alongside some other fanous names, Carl will be performing a series of solos, duets and collaborations with the specially assembled New Silver Corner Band, a collection of uber-talented artists from Nashville gathered in homage to Mr Jack's original Silver Cornet Band formed back in 1892. [...] You too could be at the Birthday JD Set with Carl Barat on October 8. Just tune in to NME Radio's Drive show from 3pm on weekdays or head over to to be in with a chance of winning three tickets to this invite-only event. And even if you don't, be sure to raise a glass of JD to the birthday boy".
Warning: The event is over 18s only.

Well, Carlos "Jack Daniels" Barat has been so far away from... everything lately that also an event like that could be rather interesting at this point. At least, let's hope we can hear some finished new songs by then.

Queen of Hoxton

Rather quiet night at the QOH for Peter's rescheduled gig. The set went ahead smoothly although the crowd was a bit... unruly. Barbarism begins at gigs.
"QoH gig was alright, nothing special" Ollie90 commented "Crowd was full of dickheads. Finished at just gone 2 i think. Glad i didnt bother with 126".
I didn't bother either (have to work in the morning) but people who went tell us of a Peter busy with the pool table.
No photos/videos yet.
Setlist in no order:
Cant stand me now, Time for heroes, What a waster, New love grows on trees, Sheepskin tearaway (with Dot). Bucketshop, I love you but you're green. The good old days. Merry go round, Fuck forever, Delivery, Lost art of murder, For lovers, At the flophouse, Death on the stairs, Music when the lights go out



Peter for Logan's Fund

Amidst the horrid articles published in these days on Peter and his latest shenanigans, there's also something worth a reading:

"He is better known for his battle with drug addiction and his failed love affair with supermodel Kate Moss.
Rock star Peter Doherty has however demonstrated his softer side by donating memorabilia to a Moray-based children’s appeal.
A backstage pass signed by the Babyshambles and former Libertines frontman will be auctioned on eBay to raise money for Logan’s Fund.
The campaign was launched by Chris and Angela Main in March to raise money to send their three-year-old son Logan to the US for cancer treatment that was unavailable in the UK.
Sadly the little boy lost his battle with the rare form of childhood cancer known as Neuroblastoma in June.
His parents, of Clifton Road, Lossiemouth, have continued to raise awareness of Neuroblastoma and support families and children whose lives have been affected by the disease. More than £65,000 has been raised so far.
Last night, Logan’s Fund supporter Cameron Mackintosh said he had used his connection with the musician’s manager, Adrian Hunter, to secure the backstage pass for the auction.
Mr Mackintosh, of Sandyhillock, Elchies, raised more than £4,000 for Logan’s Fund with an 85-mile walk around the Isle of Man in June.
The 40-year-old said it was “a nice gesture” by Peter Doherty, adding: “Being able to auction the backstage pass for the fund will help further increase Neuroblastoma awareness and hopefully introduce more people to Logan's story.”
Last night, Mrs Main said she was also pleased to hear about the kindness shown by the singer.
“It was a really nice thing to do. For somebody as famous as him to be hearing about Logan and helping the fund is a great thing.” she said.
To bid for the pass visit and click on the eBay link".


Gigs of the week

I'm so irritated by the Peter-related idiocies I have to read in the press everyday... gggrrr
Anyway, it's going to be a nice week for the buffs.
Read on:
  • Thursday 10 September - Queen of Hoxton, London (rescheduled gig - expect an afterparty at 126)
  • Saturday 12 September - Festival de Saint-Nolff, Saint-Nolff, France (Scene Libertad, from 19.45 to 20.55)
Later with more stuff (not involving new chicks, air hostesses and weird birthday parties)!


Carl's Q interview: the long version

The interview can also be heard (and downloaded) here.
Carl Barât is best known for his involvement in punk-rock band The Libertines, with the notorious Pete Doherty. Since the demise of The Libertines, Carl went on to form The Dirty Pretty Things which disbanded in 2008. That left Carl to pursue his own solo career and create the supergroup side project The Chavs. Carl talks openly to Q Radio’s Danielle Perry.
Listen to Carl on ‘This Is Who I Am’ this Saturday 5th Septemeber at 1pm on Q Radio.
Q: Who has been the most influential person in your life?
Carl: There’s so many different people. I guess my dad; he introduced me to music, and then my step father who continued my developing interest. Then I’ve got about 5 or 6 friends, I guess there’s someone for each period.
Q: What’s your first memory of your dad when you were younger?
Carl: Just this hulking figure with a beard! I remember he used to drive around in this car; we used to have a Reliant Robin. I think it was embarrassing in later life! I remember sitting in the back and listening to The Jam and David Bowie, so I had that drummed in from an early age.
Q: Were there any lessons he used to talk to you about that you’ve brought into later life now?
Carl: He did give me a really good bit of advice a few years ago when I was having difficulty writing. He just said, “forget all this stuff.” Once you get in a band you really worry when you think you’ve done alright for yourself. With your first album you have 20 years to write it, and then your life changes so dramatically once that gets out there. Assuming it’s well received, the next 2 years can be spent at sound checks, in hotel bars and meeting pretty much the same people every night. There’s not really much you can write about in that, hence the problem second albums encounter. But my dad just said, “just make music that you like, that’s what you did in the first place.”
Q: Your parents split up when you were very young and your mum lived in a commune?
Carl: Yeah, she did live in a commune, she’s got a community but it’s the same thing. There’s a lot of very colourful memories. Being exposed to all elements of humanity from a very early age. I think a commune is a microcosm of any society really. You get just as much love as there is violence. I’m a bit jaded regarding the peace and love doctrines having seen it at that age. Sometimes I think I was a little young to be exposed to sex and violence and drugs. But at the same time I can draw a lot of positive experiences from it.
Q: Are you close to your actress-musician sister, Lucie?
Carl: Yeah really close. If we were with my mum we used to get dragged around to whatever she was doing. Me and my sister just used to fight all the time, but then at the same time be really protective of each other. I guess all brothers and sisters do that don’t they.
Q: What was school like?
Carl: School was a bit weird. I was quite unpopular, quiet and a bit introverted.
Q: Why do you think you were quite an introvert child at school?
Carl: Always the last to get picked at sport; that’s quite a big deal at school. I was pretty weird looking and just not very gregarious. But a lot of people I speak with went through that at school.
Q: Who was the person that introduced you to playing music?
Carl: Well my dad had a guitar which I wasn’t allowed to touch, so that in itself was an incentive really! I got caught a couple of times, but that was incentive to learn really. Then the second you can play “Sweet Child O’ Mine” to your friends and you see the look on their face, it just snowballs from there really. It’s completely elating.
Q: Did anyone teach you how to do it or did you just pick it up and start playing?
Carl: I did it all on my own and I think that I was probably the slowest learner ever. Since [then], I’ve taught people and they’ve just picked it up in a fraction of the time, which I feel a little bit cheated by!
Q: When did you buy your first guitar, or who bought that for you?
Carl: I had my dad’s guitar; he eventually gave it to me as a birthday present, years later. It was really special. It was 80% special and 20%, “you didn’t get me a present this year!” Then my step dad lent me a really posh guitar which was coveted by all of the bands in the area, and I played that for a couple of years. I left it in someone’s house a couple of years ago and then someone nicked it at a party. So we don’t talk about that in the house anymore!
Q: Where do you feel your roots are as a person?
Carl: In guess just London really, it’s where my family has been for years and years. I do love London. [University] was my gateway to London really, that’s probably the best move I’ve ever made. I went to university because back then it was free money. I thought it was going to be all thinkers quoting Wilde, which might have been semi nauseating but for me at that age that would be great. But I got there and it was all goth clubs and dance compilation CDs which was a bit of a shock.
Q: You studied Drama, is there any particular play that moved you when you were younger?
Carl: No, it was films like “Back To The Future!” Later on I got into plays, “Hamlet” is still such a masterpiece. I did read “Decadence” by Steven Berkoff, which I look back on and it seems quite silly, but at the time that felt really radical and out there.
Q: Given the subject matter of this interview it would be a bit candid of me not to mention you meeting Pete Doherty of course. That was through his sister Amy-Jo, how did that come about?
Carl: She mentioned she had a brother for a very long time and she spoke very highly of him. One day she said he was finally coming up to London and she had to go and do something. He was in her room in halls and [she asked] could I go and look after him? I went in and the room just stank of urine and there was this guy sitting on the bed. He was much bigger than I expected, wearing this plastic jacket and I thought, “oh god, he’s incontinent.” But he did have electric eyes and a fascinating curiosity about everything, I found myself wanting to impress him for some reason! It turned out the pee smell was from the river, the window was open, it’s right on the Thames! That was an interesting start to an interesting friendship!
Q: When did you decide to write music together?
Carl: He had the idea pretty much straight away. He harangued me for about a year to get on with it, and I wasn’t sure what I was doing really - I thought I was going to be an actor.
Q: Where do you think your life would have gone had you not been in The Libertines?
Carl: I really can’t say, I have wondered. I don’t know to be honest; I think it was definitely death or glory. I was quite a depressive young sort, I was pretty dark.
Q: You’ve been through huge, ecstatic highs and then terrible lows. When he burgled your flat, how did that make you feel?
Carl: It’s all part and parcel. That was probably one of the worst times of my life really. I think that’s probably my lowest point and I turned into a bit of a dark recluse. I listened to some really dark and depressing music, like Mozart’s “Requiem.”
Q: How did you feel when you decided that Libertines were to be no more?
Carl: It was heartbreaking, and because it was such a big deal to everyone else, it was massive. It was intensified and it made this indelible imprint on my soul. It’s something that I can always draw from no matter how fixed I get.
Q: What’s your favourite song to play with Pete
Carl: It’s always been “Death On The Stairs” because that just fits. It’s such a shared song and a shared sentiment, I think it’s one of the most beautiful things that we ever did.
Q: Let’s move on to Dirty Pretty Things now. How did that feel to be on the road and writing with other people apart from Pete?
Carl: It felt hard I guess. There was no closure, everything was just sacked with guilt. I felt this unbearable load which some could say contributed to writing but you could say it was just really needless and I’m a bit more prolific without it. It was hard, it just felt unfaithful really and it was only towards the end of the band that I actually managed to let go of that and go, “what am I clinging on to this for?” Because when I see people they put it on me, this guilt and this gloom, and it’s actually alright, everything’s alright. It’s all good.
Q: Do you think it was quite necessary for you to get back on the road and just keep reliving the lifestyle that you’d become accustomed to?
Carl: I guess at the time I thought it was important to relive it but what I learned consequently is that is that it’s more important to embrace the moment and learn new things. That’s been the salvation really.
Q: You’ve worked a lot with Mick Jones, is there anything that you remember specifically from him?
Carl: He taught me a lot. Just his enthusiasm, passion, optimism, he got everyone on the same page and he danced when it was good and he was still when it wasn’t good. Even when I first met him, I was expecting this thuggish old man with a Mohawk, and Mick turned up in a suit looking pretty dapper.
Q: You had acute pancreatitis, was that all due from drinking?
Carl: No, it wasn’t from drinking, I’ve the constitution of an ox! It was because I took these steroid pills that the doctor gave me because I had congestion in my head. I got these pills and I think I must have double dosed on these steroids. Then I went to Moscow, and I did do a lot of drinking of the vodka! But then this pain just came back and grew and grew and grew and it ended up be pancreatitis. But I’ve still got the constitution of an ox!
Q: You’re working with the supergroup, The Chavs – is that going to get bigger in the future?
Carl: Essentially it is a side project even though I don’t like the term but it’s a cooking pot for anything we’ve got that doesn’t fit into the projects we’re doing at the minute.
Q: What are you up to now Carl?
Carl: I’m doing something slightly different , I’m writing a record. It’s about time I wrote a record that isn’t so forceful and aggressive and impatient. I’ve sort of slowed things down and shifted it back to melody. So I use strings, I write things that are a more songy. That’s what I’m doing at the minute, and then I’ll stick it on the album and shape up a bit and see if anyone likes it.


Cocorriano. And Carlos.

Photo by Vally

No videos yet from last night's gig at the Torriano. It was a sweet, melancholic and highly emotional night though, so thanks again to Peter and all the people involved for making this gig possible.
In the meantime Carlos Barat has made his mumble, sorry voice, heard. According to, "Ex-Libertines and Dirty Pretty Things frontman Carl Barat has released a statement confirming his plan to release a solo album next year. The singer/guitarist explained in the statement that he had been writing solo songs since Dirty Pretty Things split up last year, and outlined his intention to demo an LP over the coming months. Barat has not got a solo record deal, although the statement explained that he had been in discussions with labels. He is also expected to announce details of solo gigs soon. Recently Barat's ex-Libertines bandmate Pete Doherty outlined his intention to NME.COM to reform the band to play UK festival slots next summer".


Cocorriano preview

From Pizza:
so Jenn if you're reading..we've got a hell of a line up for you tonight, including a home-debut from 'Woodstock' who will be serving your drinks and banging out some tunes and looking quite fit. Also, Ficek 'imself if he's done with the nappies. Pete r Doherty and hopefully Drewsive and Mik McMichaelnall. Ben Bailey and Daisy Pagan. A fine young Italian songstress called Anton..who's just walked in to soundcheck. The Bruised Beauties... all bruised and beautiful...I'm speaking to Joe Fox's manager at the moment, she's drying her hair and reckons he's playing. I do hope so. Jackson Scott'll be rolling up and coming to play too... more to come...
Funktastic. Besides, it's confirmed Peter will play at a tribute to Michael Jackson which will take place as part of 'David Gest...My Life! A Musical Concert Extravaganza' this October. The David Gest revue is expected to see Doherty perform as part of an ensemble cast who will sing Jackson track "Human Nature" from the 1982 album 'Thriller'. The Gest musical show will tour the UK from October 1, however, Doherty will only appear at the London concert which takes place on October 14.
And last but not least, Peter appears in the October issue of Elle UK, with an interview and a photoshoot. You can see a behind the scenes video of the shoot here.

Last night's gig at 126

Oh who could better review that gig than Peter himself? Listen to him folks...

"last night's setlist had no new songs in it, no Libertines reunions and no alternate tuning. It had lot's of improvised doodling, cable-twisting electric shocks etc, half-hearted efforts at passion and many aborted songs. The only thing of note was the incredible 6 or 7 full-throated sing a longs from much of the crowd. Off the top of my head I think the tunes included were: Last of the English Roses, Salome, What a waster, Lost art of murder, Albion, Deathonthestairs, GoldenBrown, Goodolddays, Vertigo, Broken love song, For Lovers (sung by Wolfie] France, Dontlookbackintothesun, back fromthedead, BreckRdlover, Bucketshop, You'remyWaterloo, DillyBoys, Lastpostonthebugle, Gangofgin (kind of eventually, forgot how weird the lyrics are to sing these days] Cyclops, My Darling Clementine, Throughthelookingglass, Merrygoround, RadioAmerica, BaddiesBoogie, Unbilotitled, Can'tstandmenow...can't remember what else Oft times I irritate myself with the banal cycle of terrors and tremors and general spine-arching spasms of blank fury that ritually haunt intimate live performances such as last minute 126 gatherings. I have just got home from the gig which as always turned into a winner-stays-on round the pool table disco. A handful of stalwarts in the Limehouse morning sun, wondering where the night went, where their friends went and what becomes of the broken-hearted. By then I've usually caught up with a few old mates and had a few shandies and now yawning in the glorious Savernake forest sunshine Wiltshire and the world seem far from bleak.. but during last night's set I felt a distinct panic in the soul that disturbed me greatly. There were dark mutterings from a section of the maybe 25-strong crowd. My interpretations of the exact words were too horrific to be anything other than paranoid ideas on my part.. until I distinctly heard the tall kid in eye-liner and pretty face say 'I'll shit on his head'.. with that I stuck a pool cue in his throat and he flew backwards off his stool. Not one person commented on it and he himself didn't seem surprised. All night his persistent sarcasm, arrogant diva-like posturing in his thread-perfect coolerthanthou get-up and cruel asides were demoralizing me and although I played a fair few songs for nearly two hours I felt useless, unoriginal and wondered what I was doing there at all when in reality the idea is to whack out loads of tunes for people who want to hear them live. Why would anyone bother to turn up and then clearly not have any enjoyment from the situation, and more to the point, create a knowingly twisted atmosphere. I must sound like such a moaning freak but really i feel like I need to share this with someone who might know what I'm on about.
Mostly I lead quite a solitary life, peppered with random bursts of intense social carnage. Reently I have fallen in love and for the first time in ages am enjoying one persons company and affection. She's lovely. But that's one world, away from the rigours and decadant manouvres of bumming about east-London with a geetar and a pipe. I wouldn't even discuss it with her because she hates drugs, drink, punch-ups, camera phones, and hardly speaks English anyway....basically I feel like a bully for knocking that arrogant prick off his perch and actually he's the bully for his heartless jibbering. I'm not saying don't criticize or complain if i'm shit or late, but don't be rude or you deserve a bunch of fives up the hooter. I feel much better now. Had a mental night. Since the curfew slackened London has been reminding me why i love her so, am lost in her so... delerium and embankment gardens. Hackney hideouts and forgotton pathways into unto arcady and again Arcadia. Wandering the wards. Potting five in a row. Kissing on the kerb. Trashy stalls and flashy geezers. rudegirls and posh-tramps".
On with the Cocorriano tonight! It will be a blast!