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Shambles in Cannes part 2

I've found some reviews of the Babyshambles' gig in Cannes of last Friday, though most are in French.

This comes from Anysound (with photos):

The concert starts very good, Pete and this in a state almost sober, he has managed and sing and play guitar. A rarity well appreciated by the public. Or at least a minority, separate tubes on radio (Delivery, You Talk and Fuck Forever), The "fans" have stopped any reaction to the music, believe it was in form rather than in substance. The climax is full when the group resumed the collector What Katie Did of Libertines which has puzzled the small kink that we heard speak "wait what's that thing we sings?". No comment.
The concert is in full swing as Pete, full of goodwill wanted to set the mood in this sleepy public and invited the fan up on stage, about 15O responded to the call and the concert turned into a joyous riot left the key 3 security officers finding themselves overwhelmed. A massacre. The concert is threatened to be canceled but the band returns for the last two titles before making their final bow.
A concert "short" has been a set-list unfinished sound disastrous but a great atmosphere on stage and a supply of very positive group that enhances the level of the evening. In addition, a band playing the game up to sign autographs and photos taken with fans.

One more from Actualité Musicale:

A concert by Pete Doherty, with or without Babyshambles, still contains the unknown. Especially for me who went there without knowing his songs [good start...]. And even at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes. But before getting to the heart of the subject, back in the early stages. [...] And then, Peter Doherty arrived. Or rather, Pete, to his friends and the hundreds of girls Friday night dreamed of being. Intimate with him. Long before his arrival, they were screaming with excitement already before screaming with pleasure. Yet very quietly that he arrived on scene, the hesitant approach but the hat in place, making almost forgetting the presence of three other members of Babyshambles. Pete's guitar was still rather rough and mostly false until he decides to give in a few securities. But the surprise for a neophyte like myself is to discover the quality of these securities. Each song sounds like a tube and immediately seems familiar. The sound is English and is somewhere between the Stones and the Clash. Add two young dancers in tutus doing a jig around the group and you have the key surrealism that completes the picture. The atmosphere is electric in the hall and the musical quality is improving as in title.
But 15 minutes before 23h, the show goes into a black hole. A girl who managed to get on stage to shake his idol, Pete Doherty motioned to the rest of the public that can climb too. You should not say it twice: Doherty is quickly swallowed by a human tide surging across the room, including the balcony, and full service order which does not appear on the same wavelength as the singer. Pete is happy but the big guys to expel all-va. Gradually, the voice goes out, followed by guitar, bass and finally drums. Silence music and shouts of joy from the crowd on stage until the intervention of the manager. He convinces young people to take for security issues and calls for the concert can resume ... that makes two sticks of drummer! Finally the group comes on stage, cheered and resumed for two reasons. But the scene continues to be penetrated by young people who enjoy braving the security guards. So to avoid slippage, the band finally goes on ... Fuck forever. Iggy Pop after last year, Pete Doherty is the new agitator Palace this year. Whose turn next year?

Setlist by Cro:

La belle et la bete - delivery - what katie did - you talk - pipedown - unBilotitled - baddie's boogie - side of the road - Crumb begging baghead - Beg steal or Borrow - Fuck Forever


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were you at the show, and more exactly at the "Entrée des Artistes" at the end ? i was, and i'm looking for some pictures. actually i was very close to pete and eeew, can't find any pictures of pete/me on them (i'm always like behind a guy from the secuurity etc...)
thanks! :)

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