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Peter wants to punch Morrissey

Now that would be interesting to watch! Peter entertains fantasies of revenge against his former idol Morrisey, but he would also like to work with him. Taken from an article published on German site Zeit On Line.
Waiting for a decent translation, take this googled version:
"Ah, dreams. As a teenager I knew above all what I had not expected from life. My father was in the British Army, I grew up in barracks, every day I saw barbed wire and soldiers around me, shouldered the machine guns. I swore never to become so. And crept into my room like a self-dug cave. Books filled my shelves, like a madman, I collected them in flea markets: everything from Graham Greene, Oscar Wilde, Evelyn Waugh. I even began Being and Nothingness by Jean-Paul Sartre, when I was 14.
That changed only in 1994 in Sheffield, I went into a record store, rummaging for secondhand vinyl, looked at the cover - and discovered a single, on which a woman was seen with a hat. Somehow I talked to the photo, I bought the plate, and then everything was different. It was the single I Started Something I Could not Finish by The Smiths. I heard the melodies and thought: I want to do. I heard the line "hair brushed and parted" and I felt addressed. Just as I was running around at that time: with combed and parted hair beautifully. The singer hit me right in the heart - and I knew I would write songs like him. My dream was to be Morrissey.
At 17, I came very close to him once. He gave a concert outside of London, I hitchhiked a play that went one way by train without a ticket to have - and smuggled me into the concert because I had no money for the ticket. Somehow I fought my way to the edge of the stage, Morrissey walked in my direction, I stretched out his arms to his legs, he wanted to touch - but suddenly, two men pulled me out of the security, one took me in a headlock, I resisted, then thundered I head against a pole and was thrown back into the crowd.
Years later I actually met Morrissey. Very briefly, played as my first band The Libertines for him in the opening act. We hardly talked. And then he said to the press by some very unkind things about me, concerning my drug addiction, called me a cliché, thought I'd try to do something that would have already done Sid Vicious. Honestly, with Morrissey's knowledge about drugs you can fill the back of a postage stamp. Then he did something ugly: After I was expelled from the Libertines, he replaced the New York Dolls-sticker on his lapel with Libertines motifs. He enjoyed my humiliation. I felt hurt.
When I saw Morrissey the next time I will not only come to his leg, I would punch him one. And only when he is lying on the ground, I give him my hand. I shake the dust from his clothes - and then I offer him for the reconciliation of a collaboration".

(Tracked by Ulf Lippitz)


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Sjanu said...

I did not find this funny. I found it a bit sad. Somehow I wanted to cry after reading this. I don't know why. :(

6eggs5soldiers said...

Morrissey seems like such an idiot

alexis said...

Poor Peter, there's nothing worse than your heroes not living up to your expectations. This illustrates why, despite being a massive Morrissey fan, I'd never want to meet him. My fear of being spurned would be too great. It's best just to admire him from afar.