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Cocorriano preview

From Pizza:
so Jenn if you're reading..we've got a hell of a line up for you tonight, including a home-debut from 'Woodstock' who will be serving your drinks and banging out some tunes and looking quite fit. Also, Ficek 'imself if he's done with the nappies. Pete r Doherty and hopefully Drewsive and Mik McMichaelnall. Ben Bailey and Daisy Pagan. A fine young Italian songstress called Anton..who's just walked in to soundcheck. The Bruised Beauties... all bruised and beautiful...I'm speaking to Joe Fox's manager at the moment, she's drying her hair and reckons he's playing. I do hope so. Jackson Scott'll be rolling up and coming to play too... more to come...
Funktastic. Besides, it's confirmed Peter will play at a tribute to Michael Jackson which will take place as part of 'David Gest...My Life! A Musical Concert Extravaganza' this October. The David Gest revue is expected to see Doherty perform as part of an ensemble cast who will sing Jackson track "Human Nature" from the 1982 album 'Thriller'. The Gest musical show will tour the UK from October 1, however, Doherty will only appear at the London concert which takes place on October 14.
And last but not least, Peter appears in the October issue of Elle UK, with an interview and a photoshoot. You can see a behind the scenes video of the shoot here.

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