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Southampton no-show

Things were looking worrying early this morning when people heard that last night's gig had been cancelled for "serious reasons". But Babybear has just cleared everything up at FDW. This is his message:
"Sorry, I couldn't log on last night and update you guys. Thought I'd post here to calm any worries that are cropping up and to explain. "Serious" makes things sound a little grave .... what it really means is that there were very important reasons why this show couldn't take place. I am not at liberty to discuss those so I can't / won't. Suffice to say that the reasons were of a level which prevented the concert from happening. Apologies to all those who made the effort to attend and thanks to the venue for their professionalism in dealing with the situation. A problem was flagged up to the venue as soon as was possible and they worked with us while we tried to sort it out. We will do our level best to make amends in whatever way we can. I'm sure there'll be some of you for whom this won't be enough of an explanation so I'll steel myself for the brickbats in the knowledge that there are others who will have followed (with pleasure) the massive drop in 'no shows' over the last few years so much so that they rarely take place anymore and generally if they do it's with good reason. Trust me the reason why the gig couldn't take place was a very good one. Things like this are not taken lightly and are equally upsetting for Peter and those who work to make things happen for you guys. We have an important couple of days ahead and I hope / know that we / Peter have your support. Grateful for that. bb."

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