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Still little info on Peter's last night gig at the Barrowlands.
"Amazing gig" wrote the little one "Peter was on top form once again. Up there with the Capitol gig. Only ever seen him in Glasgow though, quite fancy a wee road trip to London or something to see him there sometime. Looking forward to the Babyshambles gig in December now. Was such a great mix of old and new songs last night. Was brilliant hearng What a Waster. Crowd went nuts! Can't fault Mr Doherty at all for his performance. Got a cool pic of him coming off stage, he looked shattered though! Only complaint is the crowd. So many idiots. Couple of girls started on us for no reason at one point and we ended up having to move, closer to the front so that was karma. Why so much trouble and aggro at an acoustic gig?".
Beautiful photos by David Wala on Flickr.
Setlist by GimmeDanger:
Delivery (crowd erupted) - Arcady - Side of the road - DLBITS - Good Old Days - At the Flophouse - Mockingbird - You Talk - The delaney - What a waster - Sheepskin Tearaway (ft Dot) - Last of the English Roses - Fuck Forever - France - New Love... - Lady Don't... - Killamangiro - Can't stand me now - What Katie did - Death on the stairs - Tell the king - The man who would be king - Music when the lights go out - Time for heroes

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