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Parallel lines

First of all, Peter played at Leamington Spa last night, and according to many people this gig was much better than the Roundhouse.
"Peter seemed on good form" Poggy says "and was up for a bit of banter with the a couple of points, really making me laugh! From where I was standing, the crowd seemed a good bunch and it was certainly a varied age range again! Setlist was standard fare, but never boring!All of G/Wastelands - 32nd December - Arebours - Back from the Dead - Time for Heroes -Can't stand me now - She loves you (Beatles) - Psycho-killer - For Lovers - MWTLGO - Albion. Possibly more, but I can't remember! Peter threw the Union flag into the crowd at the end which was hilarious watching grown men tugging at a piece of material and being dragged along the floor in attempt to claim it. Security stepped in at the end and no one ended up with it".
"I was at both London and Leamington Spa" Westbourne Park says "and last night was better by far. I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish and the crowd was very appreciative and cheering a lot, and no beers thrown! In London, Peter seemed not really comfortable and a bit nervous for the first 5 or so songs, last night he was on form from the word go and it was just epic.He also played Grimaldi which was fantastic and What Katie Did (psycho killer was intro to What Katie Did), Bollywood to Battersea... Sweet By and By which was so cool with Drew on double bass. Loved it".
On Carlos front, after his Parisian adventure the man came back to Blighty and last night he was special guest at Kieran Leonard's Sunday residency at the Gaslight. We would be happy if Carl gave us a sign whenever he decides to do the special guest... but at least this thing has still a bit of spontaneity. Drew of course wasn't there, being busy with the boss. Let's roll on to the...

Gigs of the week
Monday 21 September - Manchester Apollo, Manchester
Wednesday 23 September - Barrowlands, Glasgow

Friday 25 September - Palais des Festivals, Cannes, France

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