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Last night Peter played at the Saint-Nolff festival in France. "What an amazing gig!" says The International.

According to this site, 20.000 people were in attendance and the weather was fine. "Long awaited, the Englishman Pete Doherty showed a great presence on stage acoustics, a stage he shared with only two dancers with him, a persistent rumor of last minute cancellation rustling in the audience".

Photos here.

Setlist by The International:
Arcady - For Lovers - MWTLGO - Don't Look Back Into The Sun - Can't Stand Me Now - What Katie Did - Lady Don't Fall Backwards - The Man Who Would Be King - Albion - Delivery - Time For Heroes - Lost Art Of Murder - New Love Grows On Trees - LOTER - What A Waster - You Talk - Fuck Forever - A message to you Rudy

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