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Queen of Hoxton

Rather quiet night at the QOH for Peter's rescheduled gig. The set went ahead smoothly although the crowd was a bit... unruly. Barbarism begins at gigs.
"QoH gig was alright, nothing special" Ollie90 commented "Crowd was full of dickheads. Finished at just gone 2 i think. Glad i didnt bother with 126".
I didn't bother either (have to work in the morning) but people who went tell us of a Peter busy with the pool table.
No photos/videos yet.
Setlist in no order:
Cant stand me now, Time for heroes, What a waster, New love grows on trees, Sheepskin tearaway (with Dot). Bucketshop, I love you but you're green. The good old days. Merry go round, Fuck forever, Delivery, Lost art of murder, For lovers, At the flophouse, Death on the stairs, Music when the lights go out

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