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Carl is moving on up

And it's got nothing to do with acting.
As you already know, he's moving his first steps as a producer:
Newcomer Kieran Leonard is to release a Carl Barât-produced track on December 31.
The song, called 'The King, My Father' was produced by Barât at Ray Davies' Konk Studios in London.
Leonard is releasing the track digitally on New Year's Eve to coincide with the final full moon of the year. He has been releasing songs digitally on previous full moons in order to allow fans to burn them onto CDs and put them in a special box set which is available to buy from
Leonard is set to support Babyshambles on their forthcoming UK tour. He also plays a full band show at Camden's Proud Gallery on December 14.

And secondly, it seems his solo album is coming out fine. Carl has been working with Brian Eno's collaborator, guitarist Leo Abrahams, who commented his recent fling with The Mighty Carlos with these words:
"Last month I spent a week producing Carl Barat. We’d never met before, and as I lugged all my equipment into a studio on Hoxton square on day one, I was rather nervous. Usually there’s at least a meeting beforehand. But within an hour of his arriving, we had written a new song and had a bit of a laugh, and we managed to record 4 tracks in a massive hurry. The imposition of time limits really is condusive to getting the best performances. Carl took this idea one further, by finishing lyrics only moments before going into the vocal booth. After one such last-minute addition, he observed “putting a new verse in a song is a bit like putting a new kidney in a person – you never know if it’s going to be rejected”. Findlay Brown, who co-wrote one of the songs, came down to help out and Carl kept a fairly constant supply of interesting people coming through the studio. Some artists like a ‘closed set’, and others like it to be more social. Generally I’m in the former camp, but this time it was fun. He and his manager thanked everyone on the last day by bringing in bottles of fine whiskey".

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