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Fete de l'Huma

Photo by Patrice Guino

I leave the stage to my fellow blogger "RockerParis". Read his review and watch his videos here.
Plus! We have a video taken from Adam's RKC gig at Le Truskel (here) and a brief review by Anjali on FDW:
"the club gig was not completely crowded, it was still pretty early on for a saturday night (11pm). so the atmosphere was good, relaxed, not rotten like you usually get at Shambles or solo Pete. he played for, what, maybe half an hour? i can't remember after that we started waiting for the other guys in the band, but then it transpired they wouldn't make it, so Adam and some of the fans retreated to the hotel. there he played on the pavement for about maybe an hour. it was really cute. some fans had a go as well, it was really funny and sweet. they played a lot of covers (Beatles, Smiths...)"

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