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Peter, Carl, Adam, West Side Story...

The Ficek talks to BBC6:
"18 September 2008 - Pete Doherty and Carl Barat reunited on stage last night. The pair played three tracks at Camden pub the Prince of Wales - after Doherty had played a solo acoustic set. Babyshambles drummer Adam Ficek wasn't there, but he did answer questions on whether it’s the first sign of a Libertines reunion... He told us that despite the inevitable speculation, he’s not sure if it’s a sign the band will get back together. “Those two are really good friends still. I think there are obviously a lot of issues they need to talk about, and settle up on, but I don’t think this will be the last time that we’ll see them together.” Adam also says there’s no West Side Story-style animosity between Babyshambles and Dirty Pretty Things: “People think it’s like two gangs that hate each other. It’s not, I get on really well with all those guys.” And while the prospect of a high profile reunion between Barat and Doherty could cause some instability for Babyshambles, it wouldn’t necessarily mean the end of the band.
“Peter’s more than capable of doing many things. It’s embraced and that’s the reason myself and Drew (McConnell) do our own projects, and there’s no problem there. It’s nice to have that freedom. I think in the earlier days there was perhaps a little more insecurity, but these days everyone’s free to go when they want.” At the moment, the future of Babyshambles seems assured. Adam told 6 Music the band is about to start work on their next album - just as soon as Pete finishes his long awaited solo record. Their third full length release “will definitely be out in 2009. We’re choosing producers, and then in November I think we’ll reconvene and really start kicking it into shape.”
Word Magazine has a harsh but also true-ish analysis of what became of the likely lads "after marriage" (scan by Broom Broom).
In the meantime, Peter's solo gig at the Hackney Empire (2 October) is confirmed.

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