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Sunrise mystery and Rock Am Ring

As if Peter had not created enough confusion during his Paris adventure, we woke up this morning with this message of his posted to FDW:
"acoustic show upon the very dawn at Cafe Bergerac, beside Hotel France Albion, Place Saint George, Paris. A few hours time actually..... Puisqu'il faut partir sur les douzes coups de midi pour l'Allemagne, ce séjour à Paris -que l'on peut facilement qualifier de désastreux étant donné la malchance qui nous a frappé sitôt la Manche traversée- se clôturera "en beauté" par un concert acoustique au petit jour, sunrise special. Rendez vous au levé du soleil au café Bergerac qui jouxte l'hotel France Albion... il ne vous reste plus que quelques heure de sommeil..."
Since Peter does not even know how to say "sorry for being late" in French I assume there was someone else with him giving a French help. Anyway, what he said was that he was playing an acoustic show at the Cafe Bergerac in the early hours of this morning because he had to leave at noon heading to Germany.
Frenzy ensued. Then, another post:
"putain de merde, enculés de taxis! je me suis réveillé du mauvais côté de la rivière de rêve noirs à propos de 'no show' my arse. personne n'est plus deçu que moi! d'accord maintenant café bergerac pour des chansons d'amour, il doit y avoir quelques personnes dans les parages... je sais que le barman sera là, double shots gratuits pour chaque couplet ralongé de for lovers, that's what i call happy hour! (screams from background) alright alright i'm fucking coming! ooooouuuggh...."
OK, this message said: 1. that Peter had seen a post on ("Peter no show in Paris tonight") that drove him mad; 2. that he confirmed the Cafe Bergerac gig and the barman was going to be there so he would buy double shots for cute couples; 3. that somebody was calling him (screaming) and he was "coming" (screaming. I assume he's heard Hippy's Son).
Well, as I write I still don't have any clue as to whether this "Sunrise Special" happened or not.
But Peter and Babyshambles are in Germany now, expected to play at Rock Am Ring Festival at 21.30 (CET). At least, that's what Adam says: "so here we are - it#s so hot! somewhere between Frankfurt and Cologne, a place that was destroyed 82% in 1944, near a river, I still dont know what it#s called though. anyway its hot and we#re looking forward to tonights show".

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