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Gig news

Photo by Simon Rossi

  • Saturday night Babyshambles played a short set at the Papillon de Nuit Festival, at Saint Laurent de Cuves, France, in front of 50.000 people (see photo above). Comment (in French) by local site "On savait Pete Doherty sulfureux, on a été gâté. Le leader des Babyshambles s'est montré plutôt minable dans son show samedi après-midi. Titubant, essoufflé, le regard perdu, il a fini par jeter guitare et micro dans le public pour tout arrêter. Finalement reboosté par ses musiciens, il a tenu encore quelques minutes avant de partir sous les sifflets. Le concert n'a duré que 30 grosses minutes". Major stars of the night were the Hives.
  • It's confirmed that Peter will play his rescheduled show at Le Grand Rex in Paris next Thursday (June 5th). Pete is rumored to be staying in Paris this week, at the Libertines famed France Albion Hotel. Shall we expect a new youtube video then?
  • Adam Ficek has posted three bulletins in a row today: 02 Jun 2008, 02:59 Subject: Un projet du batteur de Babyshambles; Body: Des petites demos acoustiques et delicates faites a la maison. 02 Jun 2008, 03:54 Subject: live Roses web chat etc (Wed) Body: 4pm I might play a few bits.. on Wednesday tha is. 02 Jun 2008, 05:21 Subject: Sparkling 7", album, free Cd's, Babyshambles etc Body: Firstly 'Sparkling bootz is being released on limited 7", see to order. Have just sent another batch of Cd's off so I'm up to date now, see blog if you want one. I'm just starting to prepare the next release before the album. The album is finished it's entitled 'Roses Kings Castles' it was the only appropriate choice! That will be released in Aug, further details as they come in, it's a ten tracker..... Hopefully will get round to putting some more stuff on you tube, check out - brass winter or folk song if you haven't already done so. I have a gigwise web chat on Wed 4pm. Shambles wise, we're still trying to knock these demos into shape, Peter's in France on Thursday, then we all head out to Germany so all well. if youwant to air some views go to tc see you there. Also starting to build a web site for roses hopefully be able to order stuff online then...
  • Dirty Pretty Things played in Belfast last night and as I write they're about to play at the Heineken Green Spheres Festival in Limerick (Ireland). For some snippets go to their mobile blog.
  • Oh back to shambles: Drew McConnell played a charity concert last night at the Scala, for the populations of Burma (ahem, not the DPT song), or Myanmar, devastated by the cyclone. Other acts included Enter Shikari, Editors and Get Cape etc. Photos here.
  • Oh and one last thing, Bo Diddley has passed away. And so has Yves Saint Laurent.

What's in my Ipod: Accelerate - R.E.M.

Tonight's gig: Sex And The City THE MOVIE!

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