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Thanks a lot to Anthony (or Dorian Gray) for his reports on Peter's last gigs in France, namely Toulouse (here) and Perpignan (here). Actually the gigs were largely ignored by French press.
"A concert to remember" says the report "At times serious, joyful, poignant, rock, punk. Peter is unleashed. So are his musicians. They are happy to be together and it shows. The crowd stays in control until the last two tracks: a Fuck Forever unrecognizable but terribly exciting with Peter playing the drums, chained to an apocalyptic Time for Heroes. The last notes are still echoing in the ears of an audience gasping in shock at the set Peter Doherty and his friends have just delivered. A stormy end, electric, wild. It was not BabyShambles but it was approaching.
The entire set was electric. They are six people on the stage: ¾ of the Shambles, Peter, Adam and Drew. A keyboardist on Adam's right. On both sides of the stage two guitarists, no less, Mr Stephen Street on the right, Mr Graham Coxon left. They are accompanied by a string trio which will magnify the versions of "Broken Love Song" and "New love grows on trees." They played almost the entire solo album. They played old songs from Babyshambles, "32nd December", "Bollywood and Battersea", and a chill-spinning "For lovers".
  • Monday October 5: Le ZĂ©nith Paris, France (with Graham Coxon)

  • Wednesday October 7: Milk it! Private Party at Centro, West Central Street, London (6:00pm - 10:00pm) FOR COMPETITION WINNERS ONLY (Remember e-mail with your name for a chance to come!) - Hosted by Jon McClure from REVEREND & THE MAKERS. With: TREVOR FUNG, CARL BARAT (live) JAZZY M, EVIL EDDIE RICHERD, NOEL WATSON, THE ENEMY (DJ).
  • Thursday October 8: Jack Daniels Birthday JDset at The Village Underground, London. With: Brett Anderson, Carl Barat, Jon McClure, The New Silver Cornet Band, Jon Tiven, David Hood.


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I've been following your blog for a while and have recently set up one of my own ( on which I covers Pete and Carl's solo and band stuff when I can.

I've linked to Breck Road Lovers there and was wondering if you'd like to include me on your links? No worries if not :)

Rhian x

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Thank you for the quote ! :)
You can find everything about tonight show in Paris, here :


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To Nix Consuelo: Of course I can include you in my links. Good luck with your blog!

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