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Some Babyshambles news

Are Babyshambles still alive? It may look like they're not, but actually they are. Alive and kicking. Confined by press in an unspecified "Doherty's side project" land, or even seen as "Doherty's former band", they just seem to be content with the various members' solo adventures and generally supporting their leader's live appearances as an ordinary backing band. Well, we don't want Babyshambles to end up like that, and actually they won't. Babyshambles are Peter, Mik, Drew and Adam, and thank god their third album is now something to look up to.

The sweet Adam has just written a new entry in his blog, explaining:

"It’s been a while I know, I’ve been a busy bee though, what with baby birth, Peter shows, babyshambles shows, RKC shows, Adam ficek shows, DJismz, house moving, remixing, getting my lips done".

More interesting, he's giving us shambles updates on his Twitter page:

"Babyshambles rehearsals today, fluffing up some new flavours for Dec tour" he wrote on 18 October.

And: "another babyshambles praccie/writing day" (20 October)

Last night he wrote: "3 new tunes in babyshambles land, one sounds like the jam...ohhhh".

So, with a tour waiting for us in December, and a record featuring new songs (and could you ask for more than a song sounding like the Jam???) in the cards, who can talk of a deceased band?

Nobody can.

Up the Shambles.

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Sjanu said...

Yeah! Up The Shambles.
We need them.