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Peter at La Maroquinerie

Photo by Oliver Peel

Setlist by Oliver Peel from his blog (in German).
01: Alone again or (love) - 02: Beg, Steal Or Borrow - 03: New Love Grows On Trees - 04: East Of Eden - 05: Down In Albion - 06: My White City Girl - 07: Palace of bone - 08: What A Waster (Libertines) - 09: My Darling Clementine - 10: Dilly Boy - 11: Good Old Days (Libertines) - 12: Don't Look Back Into The Sun (Libertines) - 13: Fuck Forever (Babyshambles) - 14: Death On The Stairs (Libertines) - 15: Last Post On The Bugle - 16: Unbilo Titled (Babyshambles) - 17: For Lovers (Doherty + Wolfman) - 18: La Belle et La BĂȘte (Babyshambles) - 19: Back From The Dead (Babyshambles) - 20: Time For Heroes (Libertines) - 21: Can't Stand Me Now (Libertines) - 22: You Used To Be My Friend (+ Wolfman) - 23: There She Goes (The La's Cover).

Review and photos from Angelo Misterioso's blog.

Fuck Forever video.

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oli said...

complete setlist :

alone again or [love]
beg steal and borrow
new love grows on trees
east of eden
bucket shop
palace of bone
what a waster
my darling clementine
dilly boys
good old days
don't look back into the sun
fuck forever
death on the stairs
last post on the bugle
unbilo titled
for lovers (+ wolfman + 2 dancers)
la belle et la bĂȘte (+ 2 dancers)
back from the dead (+ 2 dancers)
time for heroes
can't stand me now
wolfman (+ wolfman)
there she goes [la's]