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Manic Monday part 2

The sweet Adam speaks at Radio XFM:

"Babyshambles drummer and all round nice guy Adam Ficek dropped by Xfm to tell us all about the bands new book 'Beg, Steal or Borrow' and about Pete Doherty's solo project.
The band have put Babyshambles recording on hold to give Pete time to finish his solo record which Adam has been providing drums for. Adam revealed that Pete was working with a secret guest guitarist on the record whose name rhymes with "Layham Hoxon". Hmmm...Super sleuths that we are, Xfm managed to extract further information from Adam who explained that Graham Coxon (it took us ages to work that out!) was bringing a new edge to Pete's solo record:
"It's not just musical with Graham, its this whole sonic environment he creates and that's what has brought a really special edge to Peter's solo's really interesting".
Adam also told us that Babyshambles would be recording and touring again soon, but the trials and tribulations of Pete's life does take its toll on the band:
"It's not very nice at times really, it keeps you on your toes. You have to take every gig that it could be your last. You don't really know what's round the corner which I suppose is good 'cos it keeps every show pretty vitalised but on the other hand it's hard to plan stuff and it can take the wind out of your sails at times". Let's hope the band are back on top form in 2009.
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Babybear teases: "There's a few more interesting things coming up!".

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