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We don't play guitars!

Barat at the Bataclan (photo by Mathilde)

So shouted the infamous Chicks on Speed a few years ago. And so is (apparently) shouting Carlos Barat. Interviewed by the NME for their news section, that's what the Mighty Carlos is cooking for us mortals (thanks to Linna for the typing):

"Carl Barat has begun life after Dirty Pretty Things by writing and demoing a series of solo songs in the last few weeks. With his old band playing their last few gigs in December, Barat has told NME that he will launch his solo stuff supporting Glasvegas in the USA this coming January.
The former Libertine declared going solo was "fucking scary" but if further writing and the gigs - starting in San Francisco on Jan 8 and ending in LA on Jan 14 - went well, he would release material next year.
"I've had enough of democracy and sharing - I want to be a selfish bastard for a while!" Barat laughed. "It's fucking scary - apart from a secret gig at Glastonbury this year I've never done a solo show. At Glasto I froze up and had to say to myself, "you can either die here or pull it together". I still need to get some legs for it"
Barat revealed that he had been working in London on demos, with "Arcadian March On" the working title of one of his compositions. "It sounds a bit cheesy - I'm worried it sounds like a pikey Libertines song" he joked, before revealing that his solo work will hold a few surprises for Libs and DPT fans. "I tried to record something with no guitars on it" he explained. "I was using dance beats - it's a new direction. If the songs are good they'll stand up for themselves and I'll release them"
His American jaunt won't be all about hard work though. "I'm looking forward to joining Glasvegas for a jolly" he admitted. "I'm only there for five shows - it could be utter carnage. I imagine their manager will be trying to keep me away from James (Allan, Glasvegas frontman) - she's done that before."

As much as I'm glad Carl is still considered "dangerous" in some quarters, the "I don't play guitar" claim makes me cringe. But of course, it's only the good old mighty Carlos. In the time between that interview and this very moment he's probably already changed his mind at least a dozen times.

Oh one last note before easyjetting to Londinium: Peter's Friday gig in Paris is NEARLY sold out. Good job mate. I wish so much I could be going, but I'm keeping my thrills for the RF.

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