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Bilo is going to Paris!

Peter posted to FDW very early this morning (6:14!) from King's Cross with a dodgy laptop (the spacebar wasn't working) saying he's going to Paris:
I don't know whether this means he's arranging some solo gig over there, anyway if I was in France I would keep my bloody eyes open!
He posted again 15 minutes later while waiting to climb on the Eurostar:
"classic business premier Eurostar kick off to this wee sojourn ajourdhui (sp?] My relationship with the old euro[nly8hours late]star a tempestuous one. A businessman - one of the ver many you see about - shuffles sleepily by the tea machine. 'Early isn't it?' he says, friendly like. 'getting late, i thought...' says I 'meeeeebaris paris seeksforty tren too paris eez bordingg nouw' says the speakers The businessman rifles through the pastries. Bunlessman it turns out as he tucks into some cereal. Out the window Kings Cross is changingfucking fast. Jesus, here once stood a gypsy camp where a very early Libertines line-up got chasedoff by some 10 year old Irish kids and a very large dog . Dah-em, i should get on le train even mid-anecdote. something to do with second hand guitars, a mini cooper with no floor and a sleeping pikey's bermuda shirt. bon voyage charlie brown.....".
We'll be waiting for more tips.
Bon voyage pigpen...

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