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Another gig tonight at Commie Road

  • 126 Commercial Road is quickly becoming a proper residency for Peter these days! The gig is confirmed by the man himself at FDW: "yes, early kick-off, stagetime 9.00pm, 2 hour set. As for friday... General advertised my presence without asking me first. Bit of a liberty. I still tried to make the stage but between them, police and friends dying relatives forced me nto a very dark and unpleasant place. see you tonight? x".
  • Perfect. On the other hand, DPT are playing the first of the reschuled dates tonight at Leeds Metropolitan University.
  • Four days after my announcement, the info that Carlos is playing a solo gig supporting Glasvegas in L.A. has made major music sites, particularly the NME.
  • And last but not least a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my lovely Drusillo who turns 30 today.

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