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One gig on and one off

The gig on is that at Manchester Ritz last night. No photos and no videos (unless you count Paul Ro's blabbing at Peter's channel as "videos") but people who were there said it was a good gig.
"Opened with time for heroes" says Glen 1001 "which i didnt expect, eveyone was going mental, especially the sets of lads chanting "tevez" and "manchester" haha played some new songs that sounded really good, breck road lover was amazing and belle et la bette was aswell, he had ballerinas behind him for that song, fuck knows why, chucked his guitar in at the end n there was pretty much a brawl for it, pete was on really good form".
Setlist: Time For Heroes - Salome - Never Never - Albion - Last Of The English Roses - The Ha Ha Wall - Breck Road Lover - Songs They Never Play - What Katie Did - Dont Look Back Into The Sun - Le Belle et Le Bette - Beg, Steal or Borrow - Fuck Forever - Back from the dead - Good Old Days - What A Waster
The gig off is that at Commercial Road semi-scheduled for tonight. Word to Adrian: "Sorry if this disappoints but tonight at Commercial Raod is NOT on. Dropper and, more importantly Peter, would like me to relay the news and apologise for any inconvenience. Wanted to get the news out asap .... so there you go folks. I am sure something else will pop up soon so watch this space".

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