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Promising stuff at 126

Photo by happy_in_my_dust_a nd_gloom

Well well well. Peter played a great gig last night at 126 Commercial Road, but the most interesting thing was that he played nearly all his upcoming solo album from his laptop and danced to all the songs in front of the crowd!
And according to people who were there the new stuff sounds awesome! The CD is expected early next year and it seems it will put all Pete-doubters (a new breed spawning from the old Pete-loyals but equally nauseating) back to their place. Yay, Peter even played "Tired of England" before starting his own stuff. Late promo for a buddy? (the buddy of course was storming in Leeds at the same time).
"It was a great gig" says Queenb23 "maybe a little short. But I can't really complain too much. Everyone sat down on the floor while he played and sang along. He played a lot of music on his computer, some new songs from the new album. I thought they sounded really good, and kind of different than his other stuff. I am really excited to hear the whole album when it comes out. He was also in good form I thought, talking and making little jokes. He also got up and danced for a bit. It was very intimate. And everyone was so nice and friendly. I really enjoyed myself...!".
Another gig is expected next Friday (still to be confirmed).
Setlist: East of Eden France - The boy with a thorn in his side - Tell the king - Radio America -Folsom prison blues (Johnny Cash Cover) - Horrorshow - Cyclops - Delaney - A fool there was -Babyshambles - Ha ha wall - Never never - Blackboy lane.

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