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Quiet days

While I'm busy reading the Shambles' book (ha ha gone to page 228, Babybear... nothing about private parts as I expected!) there's nothing really crucial happening in the guys agenda.
Dirty Pretty Things are touring Europe and last night they wowed Cologne's crowd (beautiful photos by Christoph on Flickr) and after the gig they went to play bowling with a few fans.
Anthony Rossy gave a short interview (in French) to Luxembourg site "L'Essentiel".
We have also some gorgeous photos taken by Arcadian Dreamer at the Berlin gig
Carl Barat hasn't been talking for an eternity. His four date US mini-tour supporting Glasvegas in January 2009 is confirmed at the Glasvegas website:
  • Jan 8, Popscene San Francisco
  • Jan 10 Chop Suey Seattle
  • Jan 12 Doug Fir Lounge Portland
  • Jan 14 Troubadour L.A.

Peter seems to be back from Paris (he was spotted cycling in Earl's Court a few days ago) but has no gigs planned in the following days. Babyshambles are expected to enter the studio in December (see Adam's blog) and this means some European dates had to be postponed (the Italian ones among them; not that I care cause I'll be back to London by then).


A.K. said...

no mention of the gig in berlin?
i have some photos from wednesday. i could send them to you, if you like

EZ said...

If you give me the link I'll put it up.

A.K. said...
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A.K. said...