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Peter at The Monarch

Peter and The Wolf (photo by Heilig)

Peter played a solo gig last night at The Monarch. Special guest was Peter Wolf (Wolfman) who sang two songs with Peter, For Lovers (of course) and Broken Love Song. According to the lucky ones who were there the gig was one of the best Peter has done this year.
"He was on brilliant form tonight" says Chun Li "he was funny, and he added loads of random lines and words into songs. Good support to. Definitly worth the extortionate £23".

"For me this was one of Peter's best gigs" says Crazycatwoman "his guitar playing and his singing were spot on. Unfortunately the gig ended prematurely due to peter hurling his guitar into the crowd, security had to go and get it back. After this incident the gig could no longer continue".

Setlist by Chun Li: The last of the english roses - pipey magraw - what a waster - dilly boys - kilamanjiro - albion - cyclops - tell the king - lost art of murder - for lovers (with wolfman) - Broken love song (with wolfman) - salome - a cover / new / rare song? - time for heroes.
One more thing about tonight: chances of Peter playing at the Woodbury Tavern (with Alan Wass and Cal Roberts) are poor at the moment. If anything new turns up I'll tell you here. But anyway, Helsinki are playing at the ULU for LMHR and I think I'd rather go there (if I was in London, that is).

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