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Zurich konzert

Did anybody go to this gig? I haven't seen any report around. But fear not! I have found two articles (1 and 2), some beautiful photos, and even two exciting babelfish translations!!!

Blick article:
As it would not have anything used as the warm inhabitants of zurich winter sun and lasting shank a Swiss Mueesli! Pete was with its first CH attendance in Top form. In the same, aehm, Pete Doherty stood for coach trousers, which he had already carried in Austria, for the first time after three (!) concert refusals on Swiss a stage. And its Supporter came into crowds: "hardly ever Swiss fans stormed stages in such a way like yesterday night in the inhabitant of zurich in club <>", such a passant. Probably truely. Although many cannot understand, why people this "wreck" to look at itself: "Pete Doherty is nevertheless a disgusting through-slammed 28-jaehriger complete idiot!", Thomis from Suhr writes yesterday on But others see that completely differently: "mad that he comes! Everything, which states, Petes music is bad, has zero notion of music!", Mrs. X from Zurich writes. Latter view CH readers should keep - at least in this evening - right. It was the music of Pete Doherty, which made headlines. Not its (drug)Eskapaden! The Barde verschriene as drug Rocker did not work at the Zuerisee coast as good and lucky as ever! Nix wars with heroin or coke stories. A half hour after the vielumjubelten concert had already disappeared Pete in accordance with Insidern again in its hotel. A miracle, finally he does not have already again in London before the judge tomorrow antraben (in the VIEW). Only its Babyshambles babyshambles-Schlagzeuger gave still gas - and struck still for a long time on the bass drum!

Tagensanzeiger article:
And then it was suddenly so far: At 21.39 o'clock on 28 January 2008 entered bleaches 28-jaehrige Englishman Pete Doherty with its three volume colleagues of the Babyshambles the stage of the Mascotte. A small God stepped thereby among its fans, and it was one moment, in which one would have bekreuzigt oneself dearest before loud luck over the fact that there is actually Pete Doherty. Outside of the relations and drug scandals. Without its Celebrity ex Kate Moss, and but as what its singular appointment is actual, as musicians. The concert, which the club Mascotte had gegoennt itself despite months-long giant attack in the exclusively small framework to the fourth birthday (TA from yesterday), provided also for total euphoria in the public. The Babyshambles played many of the merry hits of its two plates "down in Albion" and "Shotter's nation". Apart from a few clownesken Torkeleien seems to some extent to have itself Doherty on the current route in the grasp: Last week in Cologne he drank apple juice, and also citizen of Berlin the concert on the stage even only ran without the usual four-hour delay or incidents. But despite this reassuring route process Zurich was allowed to estimate itself than lucky more yesterday: The concert in Basel from this evening had to be shifted because of gerichtstermins in England already again. It is to take place now on 17 February.

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