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... that does not involve pregnancies and similar idiocies.

  • Babyshambles have started publishing a diary on Xfm. The first "entry" is by the sweet Adam:
    Babyshambles have sent Xfm the first of many exclusive diary entries to keep all you guys in the know about the band. Following their surprise gig for locals at a Marlborough pub last Thursday (January 17), Babyshambles' drummer Adam Ficek got in touch with Xfm to let us know how the impromtu performance came about. In what looks to be the first of many such exclusive Shambles entries - with Ficek explaining he'll be updating us "on constant goings on" as he would "rather it goes to [Xfm] than the tabloids" to help "keep fighting the good fight" - the drummer explained: "After spending the day rehearsing we decided to have a play and the nearest place, and our considered local was, The Sun Inn, Marlborough."So off we set, very small affair two amps, snare and bass type thing. "Ran few a selection of new and old, from 'Pretty Sue', 'Jumping Bean', 'Babyshambles Instrumental', 'David Boy', 'Maybeline', 'Sparkling Boots', 'Tinkers Daughter'- I think. "Ended with 'Fuck Forever'. It's always a welcome return doing these small 20-30 people shows."
    Xfm looks forward to more updates from the band shortly.
    You can listen to a selection of new tracks, including 'Sparkling Boots', 'Horses' and 'Brass Winter' by
    clicking here now.
  • I'm not too sure about it but it looks like the Bayshambles tour will start again tomorrow in Cologne (Germany). Just waiting for Adrian to confirm the remaining dates on French Dog Blues.
  • Meanwhile, publishes a gallery of Babyshambles pictures in Paris.
  • Every now and then Dirty Pretty Things seem to wake up from their stuporous state: Carlos and Didz played a dj night last Friday at the Jamm in Brixton. According to Midwich Cuckoo, " [...] they played three songs from the second album, well from the recording session in LA anyway. Plastic Hearts, which sounds very melodic and not too different from when they have played it live; Chinese Dogs, which is a bit ‘cleaned up’ compared to the other version, but not too much; and Hippy Son", which seems to be a brand new thing. The dj set was also characterized by numerous Libertines songs (I assume McGreed was busy somewhere else).
  • At last, the Yeti album is out in April and will be entitled "Yeti Intelligence". The band has just started a British tour.

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