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Dirty Pretty Things' hard labour

Hats off to the buskers!

As if we hadn't noticed already... the delivery of DPT's second album is proving to be quite a hard labour.

From Xfm:

Dirty Pretty Things' Carl Barat and Didz Hammond have been talking exclusively to Xfm about succumbing to the notorious "difficult second album" syndrome.
Almost two years on since the release of the debut 'Waterloo to Anywhere' and the world has yet to hear a note from the album that's seemingly taking forever to record.
Speaking of the delays that have prevented any new material from surfacing, bassist Didz Hammond cryptically said:
"We keep running into things that we didn't think we would, problem-wise so we're just tying up a few loose ends, really. It was difficult writing it on the road and stitching it all together."
Carl Barat agrees that their second album has been a long time coming:
"[The recording process] has been quite long, really.We were approaching from a different style of doing things as well - less jingly-jangly and happy-go-lucky; it was bit more planned.
"It's a great record. I can't wait to get it out before we get bored of it!"
The record's hold-up is also proving frustrating for Dirty Pretty Things when it comes to securing those important festival slots. As confirmed by Barat, festival appearences are at risk with the album still caught up in no man's land:
"Glastonbury's been rumoured but we don't have many bargaining chips when we don't have any songs out," he complained.
"We're eager to get the record out but a lot of hiccups seem to be happening along the way," he continued.
"There are a lot of loose ends that need to be tied up properly and then someone had to go back to Los Angeles and pick up the files again and strange things like that."
The hassles, Didz was keen to point out, aren't linked the material:
"We're not having problems with the songs as such just a lot of red tape and crossing the Atlantic."
The pair did reveal to Xfm some of the song titles: 'This Is Where The Truth Begins', 'Hippy's Son', and 'Plastic Hearts' will all appear while the last song is mooted as first single.
Quite when that - or the album - will appear is as much anybody's guess as it is Dirty Pretty Things'.

While struggling with the album, Carl and Didz yesterday joined Drew and friends for a busking adventure on the South Bank (see photo above - thanks to Anjali) for the charity organization named "Crisis".

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