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Swiss Chocolates

Peter has landed in Zurich. Apparently the Swiss were sure he wasn't going to turn up (sorry, you'll need babelfish once again). Actually, he didn't turn up the other two times he was expected in Zurich. Can you blame them?
Peter is playing a solo gig at Fez Club in Reading. No, he's not.
Peter is playing a solo gig on April 23 at Le Grand Rex in Paris (this is not confirmed yet).
Peter is all over the place.
Apparently the lovely Drew was one of the disappointed ones at the aborted Morrissey gig of last Friday. Another one was Alison LMHR. Sorry, guys. Get well soon, Moz.
Don't ask me about:
  • Amy Winehouse
  • Carl Barat's green beret
  • Peter's alleged "pet sanctuary"
Only four days to MY Babyshambles gig!!!

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