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Something more from Spain

Nice chat between Peter and French Dog Writtle posters yesterday afternoon. Pete was writing from his hotel room in Barcelona and was so taken by the chat he forgot the tap of the tub open and flooded the floor of the room. That was his first post (e.e. cummings strikes again):
"greetings from the second floor of hotel Barcainternational.. and a fine view from the balcony of the back-end of washing-line vine tangle jungle web tenements here in the divine city of , aya, Barcelona, sherlocke. Two gigs into the ‘hang out the washing on the siegfriedline tour’ 2008. Lisbon never fails to catch the eye, the heart, and a shindig saw through the night. themed hotel, all rooms subject to a subject of hollywood fame - I was in the ‘stanley kubrick room’ much the same as mik’s ‘Hitchcock’ and Sally’s ‘stevemqueen’ cept different posters really.. cheap enough though. giggle all the way..saw some old friends and of course was inclined to drink coffee afore the flight to madrid in a 15th century coffee house with a dickinson obsessed confidente, chrmed my dear. Madrid - where my elder sister lives - kicked of, although i avoided the mayhem and was in bed by 3 watching watershipdown and working on some new songs. Been playing a few new ones in the set, and a real corker as yet untitled may make her society debut tonight. A wonderful afternoon in Barcelona, headed for the trinket market.. acres of tat./ bought some gifts for the gang and a fine strange crucifix with Jesus hammered up as per §, but also a skull and crossbones towards the foot of the cross. Its old too. hmm. oddle".

Later, he wrote again saying the floor was almost dry but revealing a spectacular strage fright.
He didn't need to worry though because people who went the show said everything was great.

Barcelona newspaper La Vanguardia (something like Thea Vantgarde) has a positive report which ends with these words: "They're not the eighth wonder, nor something that can stop time, or that you will find in the annals of history, we all agree, but last night Doherty and his Babyshambles proved to be a good modern brit-pop band, a group with some excellent songs and their own sound. Nothing more. And nothing less. And it is not little". However, the reporter was not too careful writing down the setlist, because Horrorshow (or any other Libertines song) was not played.

Photo above by The Charles on Flickr (more here).

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