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Blank gig: first reports

As any other Libertines addict in the world, one of the things I miss most are the memorable guerrilla gigs in the Albion Rooms, usually announced by Peter in the old Libertines forum a few hours earlier and spread around the fans mouth by mouth. Now it seems these "Blank" gigs are trying to recapture the magic of those times (although it's Adam who's announcing them at the moment). I wish Carl would be doing the same once in a while but I guess that's asking too much (we know somebody would not approve it don't we).
Anyway, last night Babyshambles played a surprise gig at the Sun Inn in Marlborough and that's the beautiful report of Willg43:
"As soon as i read about it on here i went down, about 8 45ish, they didn't arrive till about 11 30 which led to a huge amount of being chased by teachers and stuff as i broke out of my boarding school in marlborough to go and there were loads of them in the sun. After setting up, half a kit for adam but normal amps etc for the rest of the guys, they went straight into it. Starting with an instrumental blues/skaish piece that was quite there she goes sounding, they jammed with this for about 5 mins before fitting delivery lyrics of the top. Next was another newbie, same sort of style as before, they were all on amazing form, adam was using every inch of his bass drum and snare to seriously good use, drew was very loud and focal to all the new songs really carrying them along, mik was concentrating incredibly hard all night and was really good. Pete was incredible, playing lead riff in between singing all night, mixing between singing and eating the mic. For lovers was next, full band version, i presume this is the version going to be used on his solo. Then unbilotitled and unstokietitled. A few more newuns including one which had pete shouting a lot in a side of the road esque way, which scared a lot of the locals. I couldn't work out how much of the crowd were actual fans as i was almost singing alone alone much of the time. There was only about 40 odd people there, nowhere near the crush of last time in the sun. They went for a fag break, then came back to say it was about 12 40 and were only allowed to play one more, so started with pretty sue, morphed it into killamangiro and that into fuck forever. Half way through they started chucking people out. I run back to school, climbed on the roof and climbed in a window. Amazing night, shambles on top form. Can't upload my photos and video's at the moment as all sites are filtered but can put them on facebook later and post the link. Will."

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