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Berlin konzert

Review (in German)

Photos by Getty

A silly article about Peter having lunch with steak and french fries and attacking German paps (with photos and videos).

For people who don't understand German, a nice little review kindly provided by libertine88 for French Dog Writtles (I see the e.e. cummings syndrome is contagious!):

"they started with..uh.. i cant remember.. but they played unbilotitled, unstookietitled, sedative, pretty sue, side of the road, yuo talk, oh yeah they stared with carry on up the morning!! they also played albion, twp new songs, pipedown, killamangiro, some others i think, and they came back pot for mik's solo i wish, whicd was brilliant!! and then fuck forever. absolutley mental atmospere, just perfect, covered in bruises. pete looked really really well and was entertaining and chatting some too, leaned forward to touch some fans hands in the front row which sent everybody mad, adam was on top form, so un rock n roll i love it, drew straigtned his hair again hah, and i couldnt see mik but guitar sounded deadly".
No gig tonight. The guys are moving to Austria.

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