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Babyshambles hit Europe

On the eve of the Babyshambles European Tour, let's see how Europe is going to treat them.
Lisbon's newspaper Correio De Manha has published an introductory piece on the band which I had the pleasure (and fun) to translate (if Portuguese friends notice some errors please let me know):
Babyshambles, led by rebel Pete Doherty, are opening a series of 2008 shows tomorrow. The show, previously booked at the Lisbon Colosseum, has been moved to the Lux club, starting at 10.30 pm.
The British musician is promoting his latest work named Shotter's Nation, which is seen by many people as one of the best albums of 2007. The Lisbon show follows the band's appearance of 6 months ago at the Festival Heineken Paredes de Coura, when Babyshambles got on the stage without their guitar player, who had lost his passport.
Babyshambles are a project founded by Doherty after he left the Libertines and released their first record, an EP with the same title, in 2004. A proper album, Down in Albion, was released the following year, produced by ex-Clash Mick Jones, and has since imposed the band as one of the most powerful forces of British rock.
Other than with his songs, Doherty has also been often in the spotlight following his relationship with top model Kate Moss and frequent arrests related to drug use. Last August, during Paredes de Coura, the musician himself admitted, in an exclusive interview with CM, that he had trouble letting one day go without drugs.
Gossip aside, Doherty and Babyshambles are expected to put up an intense opening show. Tickets are on sale at 20 euros at the Colosseum or at the Lux.
Back to Blighty, the only piece of news about Peter that's not too laughable to be reported is that "Rebel Pete Doherty" has been working out six days a week with a personal trainer in order to get in shape for the shows.
And now let's recap the tour dates:
8.1. Lisbon - 10.1. Madrid - 11.1. Barcelona - 13.1. Lille - 14.1. Paris - 15.1. Lyon - 19.1. Luxembourg - 22.1. Cologne - 23.1. Berlin - 26.1. Graz - 27.1. Vienna - 28.1. Zurich - 1.2. Rome - 2.2. Bologna - 3.2. Milan - 4.2. Paris - 10.2. Manchester - 11.2. London - 13.2. Glasgow - 14.2. Glasgow - 16.2. Munich - 17.2. Basel - 18.2. Amsterdam - 19.2. Eindhoven - 20.2. Brussels

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