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While Babyshambles are warming up for their upcoming European tour (starting tomorrow in Lisbon), Carl and his guys have finally put a halt to the long period of silence caused by the recording of their second album.
British monthly Uncut has included the record in the list of the albums which are going to be released this year (although no release date has been communicated yet), and asked the mighty Carlos some info about the mysterious object, and here's his reply (thanks to Karen for the transcription):
"I was conscious of not making the same album for the fourth time. There’s the same intent, but with a lot of different instruments. Waterloo To Anywhere was written on the run, but this is more planned out. Lyrically, I’ve gathered all my inspirations together, read a lot of books and watched a lot of films. “Buzzards And Crows” is on there, which is one of Anthony’s. There are a few more offerings from the other boys on this album. There’s also “Punks, Suits, Military” and “Best Face In The Place”. There’s quite a bit of social commentary in it. It’s about drinking and going out. “Punks, Suits, Military” is about fashion and the world of Top Shop. For the producer, we’re using a guy called Nik Leman. He’s an ex- Green Beret who’s turned into music. He keeps us in line and is an old friend of Alan McGee’s. We didn’t want to go with a name producer for this one. Now I’ve found my writing space, I want to get out and start playing again".
For the moment though it seems Carl has just dj-ing duties waiting for him. He and Didz Hammond are thought to be spinning records at a gig of North London band Running Riots, on Jan 18. The gig will happen at the BRIXTON JAMM, 261 Brixton Road, Brixton, London. Cost : £8 (more info here).

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