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Most anticipated things of 2008

Canadian site "The Ampersand" (nothing to do with Drusillo) includes DPT's second album among the most anticipated things of 2008. Pity the conclusion is rather disheartening.
"T.B.A. by Dirty Pretty Things. Former Libertines frontman and Pete Doherty's straight-man Carl Barat and his band Dirty Pretty Things are expected to release a follow-up to the band's 2006 debut, Waterloo to Anywhere. While Barat's tunes can't hope to match the three-chord brilliance of his Libertines days, they're a healthy alternative to Doherty's messy smack-rock. Please note: There's really no confirmation -- only NME speculation -- that this album will be coming out in '08. Then again, Rolling Stone had been promising a new Radiohead LP every year, from 2005-2007. --Rebecca Tucker"

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