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Lisbon, 8 January 2008

Rave review from Portuguese site "BLITZ". Translation:
Those who still think that the Pete Doherty phenomenon is an English-only thing must be fooling themselves. At the Parades de Coura Festival last summer some indications had been noticed already and this night in Lisbon arrived the confirmation: the legions of fans of the Babyshambles (or of their charismatic vocalist) are well alive between us. The pilgrimage in the direction of the Lux – a little appropriate venue for a concert of this nature, but finding a substitute for the Coliseu of the Recreios was not easy - was substantial: the room was full of a hormone-charged and restless crowd. The public, mainly young and feminine (whose screaming choirs nearly reminded us of the old Beatles shows), revealed so enthusiastic during the concert that the organizers almost threatened to cancel the gig unless the spirits did not calm down.
After getting on the stage with a shy "Hello Lisbon" , the band gave way to a highly energetic night. Differently from the little convincing concert at the Parades de Coura, Pete Doherty revealed sufficiently focused and high spirited (especially at the end of the concert). "Delivery", first single of the recent Shotter's Nation, was one of the highlights of the night and the first one to receive choir honors, which joined the pleasant company of the muscular guitars. The felt hat decorating the head of Doherty was thrown to the crowd, that in waves seemed to want to invade the stage. "Beg, Steal or Borrow" followed, taken from The Blinding EP but quickly the band came back to Shotter's Nation to offer a naked "Baddie's Boogie" with a beautiful exchange between guitars. The ice seemed not broken yet for Pete, who became absorbed in thought while trying to keep the composure between dances of stumbles. Shortly after heating the environment with the ballad for lighters "UnBiloTitled", the band left the stage for an interval "without reasons for concerns" but that could have cost a cancellation, as guaranteed by the organization. This was followed by more choirs and demanding shouts: "Peter, Peter, Peter", then duly substituted by "Babyshambles, Babyshambles, Babyshambles".
The calmer spirits received the foursome again for the second part in crescendo. The show entered the final sequence: "Albion" had of course the greatest choir, "I Wish" was infective with its ska rhythm, and "Fuck Forever" (last song) was pure collective orgasm that pushed Doherty straight into the multitude of open arms. It could be thought that the hormonal had calmed down at the end of the concert, but this was not to happen. After recuperating the microphone that had been lost in the crowd the roadies went on distributing everything they could find on the stage, sweated towels and water bottles. Next stop (between explanations of how to steal chewing gums in a supermarket): the door, where the hunting for autographs started.

Plus beautiful photos from the same site.

Setlist (thanks to Bingle): Carry On Up The Morning, Delivery, Beg Steal and Borrow, Baddie’s Boogie, UnStookieTitled, Side Of The Road, UnBiloTitled, The Blinding, Pretty Sue, You Talk, Sedative, Albion, Pipedown, Back From The Dead, Killamangiro, I Wish, What Katie Did, Fuck Forever.

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