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Babyshambles in Cologne tonight

Thanks to BS manager Adrian Hunter (AKA Babybear) for clearing this up and for these nice little "diary entries" on French Dog Writtles:
" [...] Checked and indeed it is Columbiahalle 100% [in Cologne]. Asked our agent boyee for a new excel with any venue changes CLEARLY outlined. Will post tomorrow if we have production office internet. If not it will be up asap. Venue changes have been inevitable for the reason that some folks quite like us which can't be bad. Small shows are where it's at though for fun and Odin forbid this ever changes. Me and Mick are having a slumber party at mine in light of our early start. He's crackin' zzz's on the snooker room sofabed as I type. All other members of the battalion are safely barracked in their place of domicile awaiting their reveille. Apart from wee wee willie winkie oor Aberdonian FOH whose currently MIA hopefully in the arms of his one true love. Sterling chap though, so I'm sure we'll meet him at the point of embarkation. Bless ..... Tomorrow we take the Rhineland! Operation Gay Goose marches on valiantly!"
And then:
"Early morning now. Up with the lark. Not a wink of sleep. I believe I heard some sleepwalking and groans from the conservatory. Seems we're up and running for our latest foray. Time to hang out the washing ........ Next stop Cologne!".

Next dates:

22-Jan-08 Germany Cologne Live Music Hall

23-Jan-08 Germany Berlin Columbiahalle

26-Jan-08 Austria Graz Orpheum

27-Jan-08 Austria Vienna Arena

28-Jan-08 Switzerland Zurich Mascotte

1-Feb-08 Italy Rome Tendastrisce

2-Feb-08 Itlay Bologna Estragon

3-Feb-08 Italy Milan Rolling Stone

4-Feb-08 France Paris Zenith

5-Feb-08 France Lyon Le Transbordeur

16-Feb-08 Germany Munich Backstage Werk

17-Feb-08 Switzerland Basel Kaserne

18-Feb-08 Netherlands Amsterdam Paradiso

19-Feb-08 Netherlands Eindhoven Effenaar

20-Feb-08 Belgium Brussels AB

25-Feb-08 Luxembourg Luxembourg Den Atelier

German buffs will be happy to know Babyshambles are also confirmed at the Rock am Ring Festival, to be held from 6 to 8 June 2008.


djalminho said...

no, no, no!!! babyshambles are not going to play the postbahnhof in berlin, they're gonna play the bigger venue Columbiahalle in BERLIN - not in cologne, for there is no columbiahalle in cologne anyway.

EZ said...

Ok, thanks! :D