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It's that time of the year again

So, the NME awards nominations are officially out. Do we care? Not much, but in any case:
Babyshambles are nominated as best british band (with Arctic Monkeys, Cribs, Klaxons and Muse)
Shotters Nation is nominated as best album (with Monkeys, Enemy, Klaxons and Radiohead)
Up The Shambles is nominated as best music DVD (with Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, Oasis and Amy Winehouse)
Pete Doherty is nominated as Hero of the Year (with Matt Bellamy, Noel Fielding, Ryan Jarman, Thom Yorke), as Best Dressed (with Noel Fielding, Kate Nash, Alex Turner, Gerard Way), and Worst Dressed (with Johnny Borrell, Mika, Gerard Way, Amy Winehouse).
Just a few observations:
  • Britpop is rampant everywhere. OK, NME is a brit rag. But this is going totally one track minded (just look at the best video award or best track).
  • All the Arctic Monkeys hype is getting on my nerves. Come on people. They're not THAT good.
  • 30 Seconds to Mars as worst band? Ha! Sure they are. Gotta tell my best friend (she drools over Jared Leto).
  • Worst music paper of the year? The NMEEEEEEEEE!!! Oops. That category does not exist.
  • I can't believe Kate Nash is nominated as best solo artist and M.I.A. is not!!!
  • None of the ex-Libertines is up as Sexiest Male, or Villain of the Year. I believe this is the first time since... 2002? The Times-They-Are-A-Changing, and too many trains are being missed.
  • Talking about the Libertines, I still remember someone bragging about the April reunion as the 100% assured Live Event of The Year (around that time of course). Where's the Reunion now? Live Events of the Year are the usual Summer Festivals and (top irony) Muse at Wembley, a gig where Dirty Pretty Things were employed as Matt Bellamy's asswipes.
OK. Rant over. Until next time.

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