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Koln konzert

Photo by Christoph

Review (in German)

Photos + another review (in German)

Apparently Pete left the stage early but made up later. According to Sally Simpson, "the concert was only average, but there was an acoustic gig in a small pub with about 30 people. Pete played guitar, and played What Katie did, Music when the lights go out, Can’t stand me now, There she goes. Pete talked to the fans and gave autographs and he was really close to the audience, which was absolutely incredible".
Setlist: Carry on up the morning, Delivery, Beg, steal or borrow, Pretty Sue, Baddies Boogie, Unstookietitled, Side of the road, Unbilotitled, The blinding, Sedative [Pause], I wish (Mick Whitnall solo), instrumental, Fuck forever.

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