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Graz konzert

In Schwarzy's hometown Babyshambles played a 75 minute set. "It was a nice, solid performance" says Sparklehorse "[...] A professional performance, with Pete even saying “We don’t do requests” at one point". Apparently Mik was a bit out of his head.
"It was a fairly good show" says Bingle "good as in shotters nation good not as in down in albion good, solid, i’d say, he [Peter] obviously likes graz, had a good chat with the crowd, they played almost all of the blinding ep"
Some photos and a good review (from what I can get) here.

Setlist: Carry on - Delivery - Beg steal - Baddies - Unstookie - Side of road - Boy David - Unbilo - Blinding - You talk - Sedative - Albion - Pipe down - Killamangiro - Back from dead - I wish // Fuck Forever

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