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Utrecht, 22/11/09

Norbert Pek doesn't talk about the gig but tells us of Peter's dj set (here, with video).
Rough transaltion:
For being Pete Doherty he looks pretty good. A blooming face. Meaning in life. When I walk past his locker room with my CD-case he's on the couch with a beautiful girl. In the large Tivoli room I put the first tracks for the approximately two hundred people who come immediately. Then walk a great figure in the dj-hutch. Pete Doherty. He scans the CD-carrying case, while everyone in the room to the loft stand and take photos and movies. Pete quickly turns into: Blue of Elastica. Someone put us down for beer. Then Pete has an idea. He does throw his hat and fifty euro. Pete: "We're doing a game, man. Who the first person to win the dancing gets fifty dollars. "I'll throw in fifty million, including cash Pete puts hat back on, and the match began. Pete runs No More Heroes by The Stranglers. Nobody dances. I turn This Charming Man by The Smiths. The hall continued to breathlessly to see Pete. He puts Stoned Love by The Supremes and someone starts to dance. That is a friend of Pete. That does not count.
Only when I All Day And All Of The Night The Kinks front design of a girl begins to move. "You know what they doing?" I tell Pete. I get a smile, a handshake, and all crumpled euro banknotes. At the end of his act Pete announces to me from the stage: "That's a good dj. Come on, save me. "I turn Set Me Free of, again, The Kinks. And what does Pete do? Dance.
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