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Preview of tonight's gig

Wow wow things are warming up quickly!
Adam twittered: We, meaning Babyshambles are playing in Camden tomorrow evening, look out for 6 new songs. don't wear red jeans or big trainers.
And then: full day today, rehearsals then camden giggle this evening.

Program of the night:
Support bands: The Old Romantic Killer Band, The Cheetahs
DJ set by the Queens Of Noize.
Babyshambles are expected at 11 pm

Babybear said: Proud have requested a stage time of 11 pm for Babyshambles. I have been dealing with the owner so I assume he knows what he wants and pehaps the person you spoke to hasn't been updated yet. As it stands nominal stagetime is 11pm and is unlikely to be before that.

Back to Adam, these are the dates of RKC November-December tour:
Weds 18th November - Nottingham - The Maze
Sunday 22nd November - Netherlands with Peter - Utrecht - Tivoli
Monday 23rd November - Netherlands with Peter - Rotterdam - Watt
Tuesday 24th November - Netherlands with Peter - Eindhoven - Effenaar
Thursday 26th November - Belgium with Peter - Antwerp - Trix Hall
Sunday 29th November - Germany - Munich - Backstage Werk
Monday 30th November – Germany - with Peter - Cologne - Essigfabrik
Tuesday 1st December - Germany - with Peter - Hamburg - Uebel & Gefaehrlich
Wednesday 2nd December - Berlin - Kesselhaus
Friday 4th December – Sweden - with Peter - Stockholm - Debaser Medis
Saturday 5th December - Sweden - with Peter - Malmo - KB
Sunday 6th December – Norway - with Peter - Oslo - Rockefeller
Wednesday 23rd December - Betsey Trotwood - London (not announced yet - only to you lot)

Happy Bonfire night to everyone!


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