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Peter being a bit of a dick in Germany

Peter and missus this morning in Munich

Nothing really serious but it seems the secret gig at the Atomic Cafe in Munich scheduled for last night didn't last much. According to Christian76 (.org): "Dohertys surprise gig yesterday night in Munich was aborted by the management of the venue cause Pete was singing "Deutschland Deutschland ueber alles" which was germanys national anthem till 1945. Half of the audience booed him off because of that and the venue did drag him off in the end. He tried to sing another song which wasn't allowed anymore so he threw his microphone at the venue manager". The offence was made even worse by the fact the show was being aired by a Bavarian radio station.

Well I don't think this will affect tonight's official performance, but please Peter... enough with nazi imagery, even if it's a pisstake. Morrissey was slaughtered for much less back in the day.


Sjanu said...

If someone gets into troubles easily then it is Peter. Seems he wants to have storm around. Walking on the wild side.

ben soles said...

this is like, pretty good shades of bowie after coked-out LA paranoia wore off and he and iggy wandered eastern eurpope/the deitrus of fascism...haha, and then got super shit for "giving a nazi salute" upon his return to britain...aaaaand then he ran away 2 Berlin...etccc

ugh srry 4 hisytory lessons, but ths kinda news is so yawn considering his UK campainger behind enemy lines, constanly - i think its a perfect fuck you, as welllllllll!!