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Shambles at Proud

Reports from last night gig are controversial. Ronnie Joice twittered as soon as the show was over: "Babyshambles just went off. A terrific show. Absolute mayhem here now. Pete-mania at it's best".
Other people weren't so sure. Sampy (Pete Doherty Italia Forum) said: "I didn't understand a fucking thing tonight".
And Pat-fish86 (FDW) said: "Disappointing. I didn't think this was a very good show at all. I think they've run out of ideas when it comes to songwriting and the performance wasn't anything to write home about! It wasn't a 'great old shambolic gig' at all! and people who use Ronnie Joice's opinion as an indication of what's going on need to get a grip!"

Anyway... From
Babyshambles played six new songs at a London club show last night (November 5) – including a new anti-British National Party song, 'The BNP Blues'.
Pete Doherty's band were headlining the Smash And Grab clubnight at Camden Proud Gallery. However, their set was almost shut down due to fans surging forward, with the crowd eventually spilling onto the stage near the end of the show.
They opened with new song 'Fireman', which Doherty introduced as, "About a junkie in Portugal – the only country England have never been at war with. Unless you count Australia".
'The BNP Blues', played later in the set, showcased a frenetic Sex Pistols-esque direction that typified the new material.
The set also included covers of two UK Number One singles from the '80s - Michael Jackson's 'Billie Jean' and Pet Shop Boys' 'West End Girls'.
The show ended with a mass crowd invasion as the band ended with 'Time For Heroes' and 'Fuck Forever', following pleas from venue staff for fans to move backwards – Doherty instead urging them to surge forwards.
Babyshambles played:
'Beg, Steal Or Borrow'
'The BNP Blues'
Untitled new song
'I Wish'
'Billie Jean'
'West End Girls'
Untitled new song
'Baddie's Boogie'
Untitled new song
Untitled new song
'Time For Heroes'
'Fuck Forever'

For the gossip mongers there's a mildly amusing gallery of piccies showing Peter (who stole Carl's last year coat) with the lovely Celine at Holy Moly.
And for the MJ nostalgic, here's a video of Billie Jean:

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Anonymous said...

I thought it was a great gig except for the mental crowd. Pete was really nice afterwards he signed me an autograph and drew me a nice pic. I love Babyshambles and love their new songs. Just sad everyone was so annoying so they almost shut the gig.

Thanks for putting news for us Libertines fans out there, keep up the good work!!!!!!!