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Can't Stand Me Now song of the decade?

Yeah, for Russell Brand.

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Russell Brand has taken a stand in our search for Song Of The Decade. The comedian, broadcaster and squeeze of Katy Perry has nominated ‘Can’t Stand Me Now’ as the best song of the last ten years.
Brand was effusive in his praise of one of The Libertines’ best known songs.
“I like it because of the romance of The Libertines as a group”, he said. “This song is like the zenith and nadir of [Karl and Pete’s] relationship. It’s perhaps their best creative achievement and also a beautiful hymn to the demise of their friendship”.
You can hear Russell’s full comments

Well, I would have said Time for Heroes. But it's ok somebody still remembers how great the Libertines were. All you seem to get in these "decade" charts nowadays is that Muse are the greatest band ever and Alex Turner the hottest hearthrob (ew).

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