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Two little snippets

Digg reviews Peter's Antwerp gig (rough transalation below):
TRIX, Antwerp, November 27, 2009
"He comes, he comes, he comes good that Pete" ... Apologies, but it was Thursday when a five year old child feverishly waiting for Christmas, waiting for Peter Doherty. Only the five year old child can be sure that Santa Claus and his shots will kick back on the rooftops. But the people in the sold Hof Ter Lo / Trix waiting, but there had to guess whether their very own St. Peter would show up.
In the series with only a guitar, was first Alan Was office to wait just get a break. The wait bearable, however, he did not. Was, an old friend of Doherty, he looked like the courage of desperation trying to scramble back to the '70s, a lot permed hair and a tight, velo hours, red pants. He murmured some to go and behaved like a boy with his first guitar in an Irish pub should be doing his thing at the local open mic. A boy who his musical talents have not quite classified, but all trained hard for the mirror on how the Rock'n Rolla to hang.
"Mary, where did you go"Sang the man. We must hope for her that she was hit far enough ...
Adam Ficek, Doherty's Babyshambles drummers in size, it already did a lot better off. He has toured for a year under the name Roses Kings Castles and even though his album bearing the greatest bells and whistles, but now he was completely rid of extras and just take the guitar.
He immediately kicked off with a cover of The Ramones, "Sheena is a Punk Rocker" and made an almost miraculous intimate number.
Ficek is a man with his charm disarmed his songs have a long way helps. He needs to concentrate on the narratives in his songs when listening "Stupid Little Shut Your Mouth" and dedicated to his dead horse 'Horses for Courses ", but at the end of his set, he still managed to give a funky twist "Entroubled. And so disappeared the last and only sober man of the stage.
Peter Doherty failed to materialize, like a real rock star and as befits his reputation even though he has managed to make diets. There were occasional already slightly nervous shuffling observed when Mr. Doherty for his infamous face fourth ten still had not shown.
But eventually, after some palaver, and under mild constraint, so we may hear later, pushed on stage.
There he stood, like a true but very drunken dandy in the rather dingy stage of TRIX. The gray, perfectly tailored suit stood him very well, but the beige hat and hung with gold arms and neck, gave him more the air of a poshy british lad.
"Feels like being a stand-up comedian. Does any one want to hear a song?". Certainly. The audience hung on the man's lips before he had released only one note, but increasingly on the podium, the more he is a stand-up comedian turned out, one that the humor of the situation must have . If you post any stories of people who pick him earlier that night completely drunk in a restaurant have this condition go beyond, one would think that his drunkenness was a kind of pose that he holds himself to feel less lonely on stage.
But not so, he allows even the Duvel and wine eagerly claim, although he always shares with the first row of neat.
Yet he knows some way to keep songs, thanks to the public that a large part of the lyrics from him know to take over. At the moment they get the chance to course, because he lets his numbers are slipping in a gepluk his guitar under the guise of an inimitable guitar solo. He stretched his number so happy to.
If he was completely sober have assisted, it would have been a piece of stripped down songs from the entire back catalog of The Libertines and Babyshambles.
He took almost no songs from his own solo repertoire, but controlled himself among the public about the Lall gum blowing bubbles, drawing-boards of The Libertines and receive sausige letters to his address, from songs like 'Dilly Boys', 'Shotter Nation' and 'Time for Heroes ".
To fill the stage, he also brought along two ballet dancers, who bluntly skipped across the stage. Even the surrealism of David Lynch had two ladies in a colorful outfit who were dancing like they were auditioning for the Russian State Ballet at the forefront of a zwalpende Doherty, not his films stopped.
His encores were deployed under a light force, but he still conjured "What Katy Did" and especially "Down in Albion The" out of his beige hat. For that last song was his colleague Alan Was (nowadays also nice to look in the Duvel glass) are meetoeteren on his harmonica, but not without occasionally from the spotlight to be pushed away by Peter himself when his position for wanted to claim back the microphone.
Hopefully he can that position behind the microphone far maintained. Up slightly less drunk.

And Carl says his solo album will be "the best thing he's ever made" (video interview here).

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