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Shambles in Kingston has a short review of last night's gig:

"Babyshambles played a club gig at the Kingston McClusky's venue last night (November 19) – playing a cover of Happy Mondays' 'Kinky Afro' to open their set.
As well as the cover, Pete Doherty and his band included new songs 'Fireman' and 'Stranger In My Own Skin' in the setlist, plus another untitled new number later.
The four-piece also played crowd favourites including 'Delivery', 'Killamangiro' and set-closer 'Fuck Forever' – with fans crowd-surfing towards the stage as the set ended.
Doherty now heads to Europe for a solo tour".

Khalim12 says: "Was a great gig, crowd was ok, some pricks though. Pete looked really disheartened when no one reacted to stranger in my own skin, I really like it. Fireman is really good as well. Sometimes I get the impression pete gets bored by it all. Fuck Forever was amazing... Overall I thought it was really good".

Shambles freshman Buk tells us about his experience: "Last night at Kingston was the second gig I've managed to get to so far, although I have tickets for upcoming ones already booked. The first time was at The Roundhouse in Camden and I was mesmerised. I thought he had absolute control of the songs, the band and the audience. Last night was a very different experience - at times both he and the band were superb and his rapport with the audience is really good, but the venue was truly awful. The security procedures to get in were a real pain, the majority of the audience seemed more interested in getting pissed and the sightlines were frankly shit. It was just hard to hear or see anything. I think Pete did his best - throwing in some of the great songs to keep us happy and the momentum going, as well as testing new material. Overall I enjoyed it, but I hope the next time I see him and Babyshambles, they've sorted the technical stuff out and that the audience are there for the music, not the cheap booze".

'Kinky Afro'
'Carry On Up The Morning'
'Beg, Steal Or Borrow'
'Side Of The Road'
'There She Goes (A Little Heartbreak)'
'Stranger In My Own Skin'
'I Wish'
'Pipey Magraw'
'I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles'
'Time For Heroes'
Untitled new song
'Baddie's Boogie'
'Fuck Forever'

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